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PT Shamrock's leprechaun has done it again!

Become a Fully Accredited Independent Travel Agent and eligible for these benefits.

Hold your breath:
You have just been given permission to become an authorized independent travel agent and receive an official Travel Agent card. Now for Internet users!

This means you can start savings hundreds of dollars now and receive lots of benefits for yourself


Our introduction fee ... just US$99!

Here is a brief overview of some Travel Agent "Benefits"

  1. Discounts - Hotels offer agents discounts up to 50% to 75% off the listed prices.
  2. Car Rentals - Discounts have negotiated for travel agents with most major car rental companies. Also, if you catch a rental agent in a good mood, you can often get upgraded to a more expensive class.
  3. Free First Class Airline Upgrades - Many airlines will upgrade travel agents to first class if there are empty seats "up front". You are shown how travel agents maximize their chances for this very valuable "perk"
  4. FAM Trips - These are special trips that resorts and cruise lines offer to "familiarize" travel agents with their travel products. The cost of these FAM trips is often a fraction of the retail price, and the agents are really given the VIP treatment to insure that they have a good experience.
  5. Luxury Cruises - With deep discounts negotiated by for the exclusive use of our agents and their clients
  6. Commissions - Agents still earn commissions on most of their own personnel travel, even at agent rates!
  7. Vacation Packages and Tour Discounts - negotiates deeply discounted products, exclusively for our agents and their clients.
  8. Free Or Discounted Admission to Show, Theme Parks, And Attractions

As a fully accredited Independent Travel Agent you receive a photo ID card.

This shows your credentials to hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and all other travel related products and destinations. Your travel photo ID card also has information that links you to your travel agency's computer database.

Before you plan your next trip domestically or abroad for a holiday or business meeting, PT Shamrock has the cure for your travel budget by you becoming an independent travel agent.

Become a travel agent today and begin receiving huge travel agent discounts and commissions on all your travel and for your customers you refer. Grab the opportunity to create a new kind of travel agency for yourself where you save money on your personal travel and earn commissions on clients and friends' travel.

The companies we offer are state-of-the-art travel agencies with an international network of travel agents throughout the world - all earning commissions and enjoying the benefits of being travel agents. As this network grows, so does their representation and influence in the travel industry. When you become a Travel Agent, you will be on your way to earning commissions and enjoying exclusive discounts.

Once you apply and are accepted you will receive a new agent support kit, including your own Travel Agent Photo I.D. Card, recognized by travel industry experts around the world. Travel agents enjoy some of the greatest perks of any professional group around. When you become an Independent Travel Agent you enjoy the remarkable savings and preferred treatment reserved only for professionals in the travel industry.

In addition to big discounts, you also take advantage of their industry buying power.

As a Agent you have exclusive access to the negotiated rates, bulk contracts and special travel discounts that are the result of these companies tremendous sales volume and powerful alliances within the travel industry.

Everyone travels - friends, family, and colleagues - so why not have them use you to book their travel? They get the attention, service and great rates they deserve and you'll earn a commission.

You don't have to change your career to take advantage of your earning potential. You simply refer travel business and earn commissions. When you become an Independent Travel Agent you immediately have access to the resources you will need to increase your income. You can work full-time or part-time. Alternatively you can use this Travel Card personally for huge discounts and upgrades to First Class seats and Delux accommodations. Why? Because as an independent travel agent you are your own boss.

To book travel for yourself and to earn commissions on your clients' travel, these travel companies have developed a full-service, computerized reservation center located in a major city. Once you become an independent agent it's simple for you to use their "user-friendly system." These companies have assembled a team of salaried, professional travel consultants who can handle virtually any travel reservation from airline tickets, to hotels, to cruises, to tour packages. With details about thousands of destinations, this team of consultants can help you and your clients plan nearly any trip.

These professional travel consultants are always on the lookout for the least expensive fares. Because their consultants earn a salary, not a commission, they don't benefit from expensive bookings. In fact, their only concern is making sure you and your clients are satisfied. That means finding the least expensive rates for the travel they book and providing the extra special service that is so hard to find today. Now, you can benefit from our experience by operating under the umbrella of our license.

Let's examine becoming an independent travel agent through .

These agencies are among the largest licensed, bonded, and accredited international travel agencies. They are accredited by the Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC), the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN), the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), and endorsed by the world's major airlines, hotels, and travel providers.

These professional affiliations provide the key to your earning commissions and receiving travel agent discounts. To open a travel agency on your own, you would need money and time - lots of it. In fact, you might need to invest more than $100,000 and years of travel industry experience. Now you don't need to make that kind of commitment because it all has been made easy for you! Once you are an independent agent with they will continue to keep you informed. You will look forward to our monthly newsletter loaded with information on travel agent discounts and tips about how to increase your sales volume and commission income. They also make sure you know about all the best deals available to travel agents, including FAM (Familiarization) trips. These special trips are deeply discounted and can even be free! They are available only to travel agents and are offered by hotels and tours to familiarize you with their destination.

Your Travel Company never sleeps.

Your travel company offers 24-hour reservations for you and your clients plus dozens of ticketing locations throughout the U.S. and electronic ticketing throughout the world. It's easy to take advantage of the changing travel industry.

To become an Independent Agent, remit US$99 as OUR fee for this referral. Sorry, because of the nature of the application form we cannot email or fax it to you. We need your postal address to express airmail it to you. Once we receive your introduction fee of US$99, we'll have your travel agent's application sent straight off to you.

Once your receive the application just complete the application, enclose the certification fee ($495.oo) and mail DIRECTLY to the travel agency for processing.

Once you have returned the application and fees payable direct to the travel agency you will soon be a part of their family. No other agency or network offers the benefits and rewards that offers its agents.


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