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$99 Gets You $1400 at PT Shamrock!

Beat the Bureaucracy -- Outsmart Big Brother
Live a life free of bureaucratic hassle whilst protecting your personal and financial privacy.

Now available, the "Bible" on living a bureaucratic free life, plus 3 additional best sellers by W.G. Hill. Get these books in the W.G Hill "PT" collection, all on CD Rom disk:

1. PT (Perpetual Traveller, Past Taxpayer, Prepared Thoroughly, etc.)
2. The Passport Report
3. Portable Trades and Occupations

These books originally sold in hard copy for US $100 per book!

Order today and all these books on CD Rom are yours for US $99 total and we'll include the limited edition "How to Become a Honorary Consul" absolutely free. (This book sold originally in hard copy for over US $1000!) Shipping included!

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