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"Trying to offer any level of legal privacy in Amerika is now outlawed!"

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January 2003

"The [US] Federal Trade Commission filed complaints against six businesses it accused of using unsolicited commercial e-mail and Web sites to market fake international driver's permits, the agency said yesterday. The permits, known as IDPs, were sold online for $65 to $375, the FTC said. The sellers claimed the permits were valid in most of the world due to an international law "loophole" and promoted them as a way around points and other driving penalties, according to the agency. But the permits are available for as little as $10 and can be used only in conjunction with a state-issued driver's license, the FTC said. They are used mainly by travelers who drive abroad."


Help keep the fight alive.

PT Shamrock challenges you to support your offshore provider by purchasing a book, report or product within the next 24 hours, even its only a $10 report.

Keep the torch shinning, faint as it may be getting!

PT Shamrock - February 2003

Privacy as we knew it, no longer exists. Long live freedom.

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