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Be advised that we no longer sell *ANY* W.G. Hill/Scope Reports!

They're years out of date and the information is irrelevant in today's world.

May we suggest superior, current up to date books and reports;

The Internationalist
How To Legally Obtain a Second Passport

  • PTI -- The Perpetual Traveller
    By Dr. W.G.Hill. 4th Edition. A coherent plan for a stress-free, healthy and prosperous life without government interference, taxes or coercion. The PT theory outlined in this volume is elegant, simple and requires no accountants, attorneys, offshore corporations, nor other complex arrangements. Since the income of most PT's is instantly doubled, and most frustrations with Big Brother are instantly eliminated, the logical question is: "can you afford not to become a PT". 240 pages. Price US$50 (plus shipping.)

  • PT2 -- The Practice
    By Dr. W.G.Hill. 1st Edition How to delevop techniques for living tax free. This explosive volume deals with matters that no other book has ever dared to examine in a practical hands-on manner. You will learn all the world's unknown in's and out's of getting and keeping, a life free from problems, frustrations, harassment, extortion, lawsuits and the implications and ramifications of all of these -- the works. 200 pages. US$50 (plus shipping.)

  • Banking In Silence
    By Dr. W.G. Hill. Do you know the US government within two year swill be able to gain immediate access to any of your bank accounts. With their soon-to-be-implemented new multi-million dollar systems they will be able to tap in and find out all your banking movements. This system will rapidly spread throughout the world. This dynamic new report from W.G. Hill will alert you to the dangers of the new control system and how to beat it. The following topics are revealed.
    • The Chinese Chop Account. The new Banking Havens
    • Anonymous Plastic Cards. The unknown route to secrecy
    • Where to open a bank account without ID. Secret Ghost accounts
    • How to transfer cash safely. How politicians launder money
    • How to get a secured credit card. The beauty of back to back loans
    • Advantages of secured credit cards. Where the smart money goes
    • How intruders pry open foreign bank secrecy. A Tax Free Zone where anything goes How to form your own anonymous company free, without even incorporating.
    • The Impress Account
    • Dr. Hills own offshore company manual. The Savings account programme
    • A country where money laundering is a national habit

    Much, much more. paperback. US$50 (plus shipping.)

  • The Passport Report: How to Legally Obtain a Second Foreign Passport
    By Dr. W.G.Hill Latest Edition. Why entrust your life and your freedom to any one government? Politicians regard you as an expendable national resource, but you do not belong to any one country if you hold several passports and nationalities. A second passport ensures mobility. Millions of individuals would be alive today if they'd had second passports before the holocaust in Germany, and repression in Argentina, Cambodia and many other countries. A second passport could save your life, your money and your freedom. 300 pages. US$50 (plus shipping.)

  • The Andorra and Gibraltar Report: and Secret Enclaves By Dr. W.G Hill.

    SORRY but The Andorra and Gibraltar Report is OUT OF PRINT and is NO LONGER be available. Thank you!

    The ideal base for your offshore company. Discover a hidden haven for the few in the know.
    • Property is still affordable
    • Living costs are low

    Dr W.G. Hill uncovers secret enclaves which could be your key to tax freedom. Along with its natural beauty, Andorra -- the mini Switzerland -- is now seen as one of the most favorable tax havens in Europe. Plus The Gibraltar Report. The rock of Gibraltar is one of the best places in the world to register your tax haven company, your trust, your car yacht or airplane. W.G. Hill examines in great detail the financial advantages of Gibraltar. He also considers quality of living, the real estate market, where to get one of the best car deals in Europe, and how to get the most out of Gibraltar. 146 pages. US$50 (plus shipping.)

    Please check to see if we have in stock as supply is running very low and this report will NOT be reprinted. Thank you.
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