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Fall 2002

"To be truly free, it takes more determination, courage, introspection and restraint than to be in shackles"
- Pietro Bellusch


As summer leads into fall, fall leads to winter and the cycle continues endlessly.

The cycle of your government stealing your privacy and freedoms continues as well. Much of today's press focuses on the "war on Iraq". Don't be fooled for a minute by this deception.

Governments around the world are chipping away at what remains of your privacy and freedoms in the name of fighting terrorism and other bad guys.

Some years ago it was the "war on drugs" that governments led a "crusade" against. Need we remind you the war on drugs started more than 35-years and hundreds of billions of dollars ago. It hasn't been won, will never be won and neither will the war on terrorism be won sad as we are to say.

In the past few months, where's what's been happening to millions of persons privacy around the world:

* In Japan, a national ID card has been forced into service, in spite of 78% of the public being against it!

* The EU, think Brussels, has introduced new legislation, WITHOUT debate, that will force ALL European communication providers to store for up to five years, all data regarding telephone calls, mobile calls, and fax and internet connections and charge the provider for doing so. Naturally the cost will be passed onto the consumer. The sad part of all this is that no one will be watching those that watch you and how the data will be used! Think about that!

* Meanwhile in Australia, new wire tapping proposals, though previously rejected by parliament, have been rammed down the public's throat without debate and therefore has been approved via the backdoor route. Nice work if you can get away with it and your governments are getting away with it. New Zealand is soon to follow.

* And of course Amerika is right up there leading the pack. Starting October 1st, 2002, all visitors to the US are subject to being fingerprinted before being allowed to enter the good ole USA!

With the world's economy on the edge of a possible financial free fall, plus all of the above and even worse looming on the horizon, now would be a good time to think about having a "spare tire". That is, a safe haven to go to in times of trouble, turmoil and mayhem.

Having a good portion of your assets diversified abroad would be prudent as well, with a portion in gold not to be ignored.

Needless to say, having a good second citizenship, i.e. passport, is essential in today's world. And we aren't talking about any third world documents either!

We have received numerous reports of Yankees (and Europeans) traveling on third world documents being stopped at immigration and questioned at various locales worldwide. This led to several enquires to the issuing countries passport office. Naturally 99.999% of these passports are issued on the midnight shift method [think back hander, bribe, etc.]. When this is discovered, and they will be exposed sooner or later, the holder of the document, though most likely led to believe that a lawyer or such obtained naturalization and the documents 'legally', will be placed in a small room with a tiny window. They'll be lucky if they aren't charged with being a terrorist.

Common sense should prevail at all times. Unfortunately common sense seems to have disappeared sometime ago with most people. People want to believe that when something sounds TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, it is real, legal and legitimate. Well that's not the case. Simply; IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! All we can say is Caveat Emptor and kiss your money goodbye!

A thorough and in-depth consultation may be one of the best investments one could make before making the move to go offshore or to move a portion of ones assets abroad. There are a minefield of laws, rules and regulations to be aware of, not to mention those offering very bad information indeed. Not everyone should go offshore and we would be remiss if we failed to say so. This is why we believe it is essential for most to obtain expert and unbiased advice before proceeding.

If you are thinking about where you'd like to be in the next five years, are not happy with how your government is proceeding with ever increasing privacy stealing laws and excessive taxation; a solid consultation with a professional may be one of the best investments you make. US$1,000-US$1,500 for an initial consultation can pay for itself many times over in avoiding doing things wrong; saving you time and helping you obtain the right products that meet your requirements. Unlike most so called offshore consultants, our experts offer unbiased advice that's right for YOU, not what makes the consultant the most commission.

If you're interested in obtaining the advice of an expert, check out consultants.

"Mick" Adams, Publisher

***Editor's note***

If you want to be a serious player and save what's left of your privacy, (not much) then a solid consultant with a non-American offshore expert could be worth many times the cost of this service.

Our consultants are conversant with American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, British and European law.

To get started with your preliminary consultation with one of our offshore experts, just E-mail: [email protected] and place "Consultant" in the subject heading for full particulars.

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