I became a millionaire in eight years starting from an overdraft. Would you like to know how you can do it too?" How You Can Give Up Your Job And Make A Million Pounds instead Stuart Goldsmith's classic best-selling book now in its fifth reprint! Let him tell you about this book in his own words: 'I became a millionaire in eight years starting from an overdraft. Would you like to know how you can do if too?" You'd like my lifestyle. Nowadays I do exactly as I please with my time. I still work really hard, but that is through choice - I love my work and my businesses, but I could retire tomorrow. Even nine years after writing this book it is hard for me to believe that I am a multi-millionaire! It wasn't always like this. Before I discovered the secret called The Midas Method, I was in real trouble.

Money Problems

I was living in a one-room rented flat. It was so old that the windows wouldn't even open, but at least I wasn't alone -you're never alone with mice! Now I own six properties and live in the most exclusive area of town with plenty of land around me for privacy. I drove a scrap yard on wheels - an old mini with gaping holes in the wings. It was so rusty that when it rained, it used to fill with water until I was driving along with my feet in a deep puddle. Now I drive one of the classiest cars available - The newest BMW 528i. This is the car I want to drive. I could choose any car I wanted, or more than one - even a Rolls Royce!

I worked for a Big Public Corporation, which paid me almost nothing, so that at the end of each month I had slipped further into debt. Now I make more money in one day than I did in one MONTH of working for someone else - and I'll show you how to do it tool I had an overdraft, which I just, couldn't seem to pay off. I even used to get those nasty letters from the bank - you know the sort I mean? Nowadays the bank manager takes me to lunch - and pays.

What Is The Midas Method?

I discovered The Midas Method quite by accident. I had always believed that you had to get a job and work hard to make even a small amount of money, and yet here was a little known method of fulfilling my true potential - using my brain to work smart as well as hard. I didn't believe anything so simple could work, but I was so desperate that I just had to give it a try - I would have tried anything! The Midas Method is responsible for getting me where I am today. It started me off on the road to fortune and happiness. I felt as though everything I touched had turned to gold, and you could do this as well. Since writing the book I have received hundreds of testimonial letters from people thanking me for revealing the method and bringing lasting change to their lives. Why not follow them? Why not take firm control of your life right now and start getting this incredible system to work for YOU? The Midas Method requires no capital, works equally well far young and old, male and female and does not require any special intelligence, talents or abilities. Anyone can use The Midas Method to improve his or her lives. Are YOU willing to give it a try?

Just £12.95/US$22.00

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Stuart Goldsmith's Latest book -published May 1997

How To Live A Private Life Free From Big Brother's Interference

Big Brother's tentacles are spreading into every corner of our lives. Under a smokescreen of 'drugs,' 'terrorism' and 'money-laundering' the grossest invasions of our personal privacy are sanctioned by those in power. Banking privacy is extinct - any one of a dozen 'authorised' agents of force can gain access to your most intimate financial details. Bank clerks rush to report your 'suspicious' transactions directly to the government or risk a stiff jail term for aiding you in your privacy.

Your telephone line can be routed silently through to a government listening station where super-fast computers located in secret underground bunkers trawl through millions of telephone conversations at a time. The computers listen for 'key' words and if they near one, your line is recorded and analysed by a human operator.

Mail is regularly intercepted and opened; foreign letters and packets are targeted. Tens of thousands of spy cameras monitor your movements 'in case' you step out of line. You have no rights not to be filmed and such footage may even be sold commercially or used for entertainment purposes. Soon we will be issued with ID cards, and then 'smart' cards allowing the government to track our movements through our spending. Automatic cameras are currently being installed on all major roads to read the number plates of all passing cars. This information is stored for five years on computers, allowing the state to track every journey you make. The secret agenda is total control of the population and confiscation of wealth through draconian taxation - all backed by policestate powers. The first step towards this 'Stalist-utopia' is the elimination of personal privacy.

For the first time ever, an author dares to tell the real story about the frightening array of anti-privacy measures, which are proposed and currently in place. The book is also packed with up-to-date practical information on how to preserve your dwindling privacy, and fadeout from Big Brother's sights

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PT1 -The Classic Best Seller by Bill Hill!

Do you want to join the Big Brother Escape Committee? You need Bill Hill's classic book on regaining freedom and control. What is a 'PT'? A Perpetual Traveller? A Prior Taxpayer? A 'PT' arranges his paperwork so that all governments consider him a tourist - a person who is just Passing Through. A PT is not subject to lawsuits, taxes, military service or persecution for partaking in innocent but forbidden pursuits or pleasures. You can be a full or part4ime PT! The PT theory is elegant, simple and requires no offshore accountants, lawyers or corporations. As a PT you will immediately double your income - for starters! Unlimited, untaxed wealth and the power to spend it as you please are yours for the taking. This book explains the PT theory and is an excellent guide to getting from life all this world has to offer - a must read!




Written with direct input from Bill Hill himself, this new title offers ordinary people some very unusual ways to make serious money. This book is packed full of exciting and practical ideas for aspiring PTs (Perpetual Travellers). These are the businesses which you can operate in any country, with little or no start-up capital. Any one of these ideas could save your bacon Over 30 chapters reveal little-known methods for wealth creation. This is a book you will not be able to put down, and one which will inspire you to improve your lifestyle beyond measure. Bill's number one rule is "Don't get a job." Instead he explains how to set up portable wealth creation systems which you can take anywhere.




How would you like to earn £655 a day - every day? You can, by publishing books and other information You can work from home, start part time or full time. Keep your current job and start a lucrative sideline. You can even get others to do the writing for you and still make great money. It doesn't matter if you are young or old. Now you can earn more money in one day than most people earn in a week. Multi-millionaire Ted Nicholas shows you exactly what to do every step of the way to earn big bucks from your writing. Publishing is the most profitable and fun business you can possibly enter The mark-ups and profits are HUGE. Does this kind of potential excite you? Then you should purchase Ted's outstanding manual -definitely the best work ever written on this subject.

Just £39.95



This is a monthly letter written by the master himself Stuart is now the highest paid newsletter writer in the UK and his subscribers are fanatical about Stuart's monthly missives. This newsletter is hot Stuart talks straight - perhaps too straight for his own good. Friends say he'll get a 'visit' one day due to his outspoken anti-government views. Subscribers can't get enough. Each issue is packed with timeless wisdom, humour, anti-Big Brother invective and moneymaking strategies which really work. Stuart is so confident about this product that he offers an unconditional money-back guarantee on all untaken issues. Subscribe with confidence. The UK's hottest newsletter.

One year subscription-£98/$150



"Yes, it is possible to become a millionaire in three years or less; at the same time having three times more fun out of your life". "Most people only dream about Becoming wealthy - they have the wrong ideas. Starting from scratch, without money, special talents, contacts or luck, I founded eight totally unrelated part-time FUN businesses. I saw them earn me over a million pounds EACH in three years. I sat back and watched the money roll in. Would you like to share these secrets? Let me tell you how you can make your own millions in my timeless classic. Believe me, being rich is the very best thing in the world. Forget all that complete nonsense about the rich being miserable. That's garbage I'm stinking rich and the happiest person I know. Learn the incredible secret that can bring you the happiness only money can buy." Definitely one of Bill's best books. Essential reading.




Powerful, creative and constructive force

Gold-mine of ideas and advice Release The Conquering Drive Within You. 12-side cassette series (6 tapes) Ambition is at the very core of success and extraordinary achievement. Unlike greed, it is a powerful, creative and constructive force. The Power of Ambition turns eager desires into reality, giving you the inner drive to increase your salary, achieve financial security, lead a happier more fulfilling life and enrich the lives of everyone around you. Where do ambitious people get their energy, drive and ability? Now you can harness the power of your own personal ambition by mastering the six principles of ambition. This motivational new tape series teaches you the key strategies, which lead to regular salary increases, and a richer life. Jim Rohn's proven strategies and practical examples will motivate and inspire you and bring success in all your endeavours.

Side One: Ambition -the greatest virtue.

Side Two: The fuel of achievement. Side Three: Cultivating positive self-direction.

Side Four: Gaining self-reliance.

Side Five: Attaining self-discipline.

Side Six: Building self-enterprise.

Side Seven: Working with others.

Side Eight: Developing self-appreciation.

Side Nine: Investing in your personal life.

Side Ten: The economics of ambition.

Side Eleven: Understanding success and failure.

Side Twelve: The three cornerstones of ambition.

This series is a gold-mine of ideas and advice for anyone who wants to achieve higher levels of personal and professional success.

Stuart Goldsmith says: "Over the years I've listened to hundreds of motivational tapes. It is rare For me to get excited about a new tape series, but Jim Rohn's Power OF Ambition did just that. I urge you to tap into Jim's incredible success secrets revealed for the first time in this package. They are truly inspirational and excellent in every way."




Have you ever thought of becoming a professional bodyguard? Forget any image you might have of muscle bound 'gorillas' in dark glasses and sharp suits. It's not like that. To be in this business you need to think, to plan. Muscle won't stop a bullet - good planning will. Everything counts. Your attitude. Your attention to detail. Your ability to be part of a team or to lead that team into action. Do you have what it takes? You can't learn this business from a non-professional.

You need to train with the best of the best. After years in the field and training Special Forces around the globe, the author has written the only LEGALLY-approved bodyguard training course in Europe. The course is ideal for beginners and no prior experience is required. Practical training is also available. Every aspect of this exciting career is explained in a series of twelve step by step lessons. Format; A4, 2 colour, and punched suitable Far ring binder. Each lesson 3Opp approx.

Free binder with lesson one. - £25.60 per lesson - 12 lessons



Excitement and job satisfaction Have you ever thought of becoming a 'Private Detective'? Think for a moment. . What other home-based business could you run which offers the following benefits:

  • High Earnings
  • Work the hours to suit yourself
  • Excitement and terrific job satisfaction
  • Being your own bass
  • Being envied by family and Friends
This business does not require formal educational qualifications. Your life experience is more important. This 1 2-part home study course allows you to learn this exciting profession in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. Soon, you could have your very own Investigation Business like many have done before you.

Free binder with lesson one. Format: A4, 2 colour, punched suitable For ring binder.

Each lesson 25pp approx.-Just £24.95 per lesson - 12 lessons



Achieve fame and Fortune in this lucrative and fulfilling hobby Have you ever thought of writing for children? Well you should. What else could offer these benefits?

  • The potential for huge Financial rewards if one of your characters becomes a household name.
  • A chance to create something really worthwhile.
  • Almost zero overheads and expenses.
  • No risk

Medina have retained twelve of the top Children's writers and twelve top illustrators to collaborate on this course. Studying in your own home and at your own pace, this 1 2-part step by step correspondence course teaches you the inside secrets of this profession. If you have ever wanted become a famous writer, this is your chance. Each student is also allocated a personal tutor.

Free binder with lesson one. Format: A4, colour, punched suitable For ring binder. Each lesson 25pp approx. optional monthly exercises are set and your personal tutor will mark these and comment free of charge. Huge financial rewards Just £25.95 per lesson - 12 lessons


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