Thank you for your interested in our INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND INVESTMENT TRUST'S. Here's our list price for International Business and Investment Trusts, IBITs.

We offer the deluxe package, which includes three years of administration, for $500. We will custom design and make alterations based on a time charge of $50 per hour.

We also offer off the shelf IBITs, which were formed from l979 on, for $750. They also come with three years of administration and a certificate on good standing and non-trading. A partial list of the names of IBITs currently available follows:

  • International Business and Investment Trust Limited
  • International Investment Trust Limited
  • International Business Trust Limited
  • International Trust Limited
  • International Trading and Investment Trust Limited
  • Security Trading Trust
  • International Insurance Trust
  • International Securities Trust
  • International Fund Trust
  • ABC Trading Company Limited
  • ITI Securities Limited
  • Long Term Credit Trust
  • Credit Trust
  • Development Credit Fund
  • Credit Acceptance Fund

If there are any special needs or problems, please do not hesitate to ask for our assistance.

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