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PT Shamrock Ltd. is proud to offer important and valuable instant information, some for the first time ever!

These Reports and products include; Anonymous Corporations and ATM Cards. Swiss Bank Accounts. 2nd Passports and citizenship from numerous countries. Our Free Banking Guide. Confidential Bank Introductions. Anonymous Offshore Corporations. Anonymous Credit Cards. Secured Credit Cards. Drivers' Licenses plus much, much more!

Select the E-Mail address of the report you would like to receive. Making that selection will call your default e-mail program to your screen, and when it appears, simply send a blank e-mail to that address. Repeat for as many reports as you would like and each valuable report will be speeding on its way to you.


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    Plastic Cash LIFEline (tm) - - SEE IT NOW

    Press ID (The American's Bulletin Press Card) - - SEE IT NOW

    $99 Offshore Mini-Trust - - SEE IT NOW

    Getting a Second Citizenship - - SEE IT NOW

    International Drivers License and Operating Permits - - SEE IT NOW

    Dr. Charles Freeman Reports - - SEE IT NOW

    Travel Agent ID - E-Mail:
    [email protected]
    - SEE IT NOW

    Camouflage Passports - - SEE IT NOW

    Degrees and More - E-Mail:
    [email protected]
    - SEE IT NOW

    Hang on to you $$$ - To PT or Not to PT ??? - - SEE IT NOW

    Confidential Swiss Mail Drop - - SEE IT NOW

    Western European Mastercard and Checking Account - - SEE IT NOW

    Do you Qualify for a Free Passport? - - SEE IT NOW

    Anonymous Mobile Phone - - SEE IT NOW

    5 Star Anonymous Banking - - SEE IT NOW

    Handicap Sign -
    - SEE IT NOW

    Basic Credit Card and Banking Program - - SEE IT NOW

    Instant Citizenship and Second Passports - - SEE IT NOW

    Confidential World-Wide Mail Drop's - - SEE IT NOW

    Merchant Banking & Back to Back Loans - - SEE IT NOW

    The Midas Method (and other wealth building/protecting ideas) - - SEE IT NOW

    Additional PT Books - .
    This large selction is in three parts for easy reference. See Part I, Part II and Part III so you are certain not to miss anything!

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