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Portable Trades & Occupations (PTO)

With Walter Gropius Hill & Jay BeVan

Long Title :
101 Ways You Can Make Serious Money Anywhere In The World Without Special Education, Visas, Permits Or Licenses.

Note: All suggestions and chapters involve the experiences of real people: i.e., PTs living outside of their home country. All started out with NO capital, NO University Training related to their present work or services. None have nor will they seek residence or work permits where they live & work. None have occupational licenses. All strive to avoid personal notoriety. They are not found on COMPUTERS of the jurisdictions where they operate. They file no papers, environmental impact reports nor do they usually pay income taxes.

Each job or service in PTO has an estimated minimum earnings potential of USA Dollars $100,000 per year which should be achieved after one year of persistent effort. For those who don't aim high financially, you can also earn more or as little as you think you need. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of being a multi-millionaire. But as May West once said," I have been a thousand-air and a millionaire. Millionaire is better."