The PTCard! ATM Card! EUR595.00

Q. What is the PTCard? A. The PTCard is a members only ATM/debit card with very attractive card abilities. In addition to the physical PTCard's, members will receive substantial discounts up to 25% off our normal web site rates, depending on the product or service in addition to TWO (2) PTCards. Members will also receive once yearly, free consulting advice as required. Q. What is the maximum monthly load ability for the PTCard? - A. We have daily loading limits for the PTCards, this being $3000.00. The monthly amount can then be deduced from this amount and every working day of that month. So one can have a US$90,000 ability, albeit not in one load, with each PTCard. Q. What is the maximum daily withdrawal ability for each PTCard? - A. The daily withdrawal limit is down to the ATM LIMIT. PTCard holders can go into any bank worldwide to withdraw all funds on their PTCard's in one day if they so desire. Q. Is there internet access for viewing balances, etc. If not how do the members learn of existing balances available on their cards? - A. Yes there is an online portal in which a customer can login, view their current balance and their transaction statement. Q. Please provide the methods for loading the PTCards. - A. Loading methods for our international customers tend to be mainly bank wire. We provide treasury facilities to enable your PTCard's to be topped up on a regular basis as long as the funds are available. Q. What requirements are there for obtaining PTCard membership and a the two (2) PTCard's? - A. One govt issued photo ID, which must be clear, in date and legible and one utility bill which has to be from a current address issued within the last 3 months. Q. Can the ID be a govt issued drivers license? - A. Yes. Q. Are any notarizations required? - A. No! Q. What is the method of PTCard dispatch to members? - A. PTCards are dispatched by international courier to any name and address worldwide. Q. Is the PTCard issued by a bank in the United States or North America? - A. No. The PTCard is issued by a very strong bank in the United Kingdom. A. How long is PTCard membership valid for? Q. PTCard membership is a lifetime membership. The PTCard is valid for, in most cases, two (2) years and can be renewed thereafter for a nominal fee (Eur 100 as of this writing,) and subject to supplying a current ID and utility bill at the time of renewal. Q. How much is PTCard membership and how do I order? - A. The PTCard will be offered to the general public via our web site and our trusted associates at Eur 595. Currently as a pre-order special only and as promised for our subscribers only, if you order and remit payment on or before November 4th, 2008, PTCard lifetime membership and two (2) PTCar'd are only Eur 495. Just order direct at our secure web site, i.e. shopping cart button. Please use "PTCard Membership Offer" as your ordering code and be sure to include the email address you are subscribers to PTBuzz with in the "Comments/Questions/Feedback" box at the bottom of your order form. We accept remittances via: * Bank to bank wires * Cheques via ACH option in North America * Credit Card * Liberty Reserve * E-dinar * MoneyGram * PayPal and * Western Union If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

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