Bearer Share Company, Foundations or Trust EUR1,250.00

In today's "sue first and ask questions afterwards" society, everyone is under threat of having their assets wiped out for any reason whatsoever. The good news is, a new nailed down, buttoned up Asset Protection Trust has been designed to give you high caliber, FREE asset protection. It's called the self directed offshore trust. Not only does it help to make you financially bullet proof, but it also offers you the opportunity to place your funds into a healthy environment, of your choice, in which they can grow. The first question one is likely to ask, when faced with this tempting proposition is, "What's the catch? How can an offshore asset protection be Euro 1,250? That's too good to be sure!" Well it is true. In fact you can have a bearer trust with all apostilled papers, including the power to operate the trust as well. The Management Firm that organizes your trust, does this for a living and they do it very well indeed. Unlike most trust companies, which earn their fees by managing your money and having YOU give up total control of all your assets, with THIS trust YOU and only you maintain sole signatory control over your trust AND assets at all times! All that's required to get started is for you to provide three names for your trust in order of preference, a street address (with a telephone contact number for courier use only,) and your fee of only Euro 1,250! Your trust will arrive, in most cases, within 21 to 28 working days. Full particulars can be found at our product url following.

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