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PT Shamrock's leprechaun has done it again

The XC No Name-NO ID 100% Anonymous ATM Card

The XC No Name No ID ATM Card

Important NEW card program information - July 16th, 2004

PT Shamrock has secured a limited supply of the "XC No Name,"No ID" required ATM cards from a reliable privacy minded source at a reasonable cost! We call it the XC card because it offers you "xtra cash" all the time, any time, from hundreds of thousands of hole in the walls worldwide!

How much would you pay for an anonymous, judgment-bullet proof ATM card from which you can draw cash anywhere in the world, 24 HOURS A DAY?

For a modest fee, you can have a totally anonymous ATM card for your exclusive use. Withdraw cash in total anonymity ANYWHERE, worldwide with complete confidence knowing that you identity is not known to the bank or anyone else!

We can arrange a bearer and totally anonymous ATM card for just €uro 740 or US$895, including courier delivery direct to you. Much like the secret Swiss numbered accounts, this special ATM card comes with a number only. No name appears on it! It is a totally unique product and comes fully anonymous for your total security. All we require is an address to send it to and your payment. Once we receive payment and address details your card is sent by courier direct to you. It couldn't be faster or easier.

- Please note: Credit and or debit cards NOT tied to a bank account may not be a reportable requisite under current laws in most countries (at time of writing.) As with all legal matters, check with your local solicitor (lawyer) in your locale.

Also included is secure banking instructions on how to operate your card in anonymity! You also receive instructions on how to load your card with or from E-gold and bank transfer. Additional loading options "may" be possible by Evocash, money orders, Western Union and even CASH (at a reasonable fee.) You can also send bank to bank wires.

This card is funded in Euros and is a Euro denominated card. However it operates in ALL countries of the world and spews out cash in local currency, i.e. USD in North America, Euros In Europe, pound sterling in the UK, Yen in Japan, etc.

You can withdraw up to Euro 10,000 (or equivalent,) monthly without the bank requesting ID. This can be withdrawn in one day, subject to the local bank's ATM withdrawal policy at place of withdrawing cash. The card is renewal for just US$125, including courier cost at time of writing. Withdrawal fees are standard for the industry at 1% to 1.5% with a US$5 minimum charge.

There is a €10,000 per month, or €1,000 (or equivalent,) per day withdrawal limit. PT Shamrock has purposely limited the number of these cards in order that they maintain a low profile and not attract the unwanted attention of insecure governments. Once this supply runs out, the price will increase dramatically so its strictly first come, first served.

The card operates on the plus and or cirrus systems which offers hundreds of thousands of ATM machine worldwide for anonymous hole in the wall cash withdrawals.

This is an extremely flexible card and an even rarer opportunity, which won't last long! Big brother is tightening rules around the world, so secure your anonymous ATM card while you can. We challenge anyone on the Internet to find a more anonymous product than this!

We personally use and recommend this extremely valuable product.

Imagine this situation:
Your kid is going to college in Paris (or anywhere in the world). You want her to have ready access to cash for emergencies. You give her a plastic ATM card that enables her to withdraw up to the local equivalent of US$10,000 (you set the amount anywhere from $40 to infinity). The card can be used anywhere in the world to access the cash, in any Automatic Teller Machine. No identity cards need be shown. No one aside from yourself can find out where the money is, or how much is in the account backing this card. If the card is lost or stolen, no one else can use it because it can be activated only by a secret PIN code.

The bank does not know the true identity of the owner of the funds. If the funds are not used, they can be transferred anywhere in the world by wire transfer. You can raise or lower the amount in the account at any time. The offer makes it easy to supply a dependent, friend, relative anywhere in the world with a weekly, monthly or annual allowance. You can give your ATM card to an employee you send abroad to cover his expenses. It is a plastic "smart" card where the person setting it up decides how much money to "back" the card with, and whether or not to replenish to funds.

Another Example:
You owe your business partner a settlement of $50,000. You wish to settle up confidentially with him using your offshore funds. You transfer the $50,000 to and present him with a ATM card that is backed by $50,000. This money can be accessed (in cash) from any ATM machine with five cards. In some countries goods and services can be charged as if it was a credit card. The card is no good without the PIN code. The PIN code is useless without the card. If your creditor wants the money in the form of a check, gold bullion, E-Gold, shares of stock or bonds delivered at any bank anywhere in the world, he can arrange for the transfer without your knowing about the destination of the funds once you authorize the transfer of the bearer share corporation to his control.

Final Example:
You are moving to (or already living in) a country full of grasping, corrupt public officials who can be relied upon to tax, confiscate seize and freeze everything in sight. There are also kidnappers and others around who might cause you trouble if they knew you had access to large sums of cash. You want to be able to access a few hundred dollars in cash spending money every few days in a low profile way.

You get a "No Name ATM" and for the rest of your life you have access to cash anywhere in your home country or abroad- quite anonymously. You go up to an automatic teller machine, insert the card, press buttons asking for the screen to print out in your language and spew out the cash you want in the currency of the country you are located. You identify yourself only by PIN number. No signature or identity documents are ever required for cash withdrawals. You don't need to "trust" anyone. After paying the €uro 740 or US$895 total fee for setting your ATM card up, you can make the transfer of funds to a major international bank in a world class offshore banking center.

Note: This product may be considered a bearer instrument by some authorities. As such, you may be required by local law to report the amount of money on your card in the event there is US$10,000 (or the local equivalent) or more on your card whilst departing or entering your country.

There is a shortage of the no name no ID ATM cards. Once our allocation is sold out, we have been informed by the bank that there will be NO FURTHER anonymous cards issued.

Therefore please be advised;
In the event we do not receive your payment within 5 working days from the date you make your initial order, your order will automatically be cancelled and the no name, no ID ATM card reserved for you will be sold to the next person who pays for it. Sorry no exceptions.

If you send cash, money order or a bank wire for your card, you MUST send us, PT Shamrock proof of your payment being sent in order for us to continue to reserve your card. This should include a scanned copy of your registered mail receipt, copies of your money orders, and your bank wire details, i.e. bank name and location, your name, email address of the sender, method of payment and the date you sent payment, etc.

Due to the heavy backlog of orders, please allow up to 28 working days from the time we receive cleared funds for your card order to be processed and shipped.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

PT Shamrock

Remember in order to receive expedited delivery of your card, make 100% sure you use

"XC No Name ATM"

for your product code when ordering

Price Euro 740 - US$895, including courier delivery.

Click here to order at our secure on-line order form.

We accept payment by Western Union, E-gold and Evocash, cash, bank drafts, cashiers cheques and money orders. However please email us for pay-in particulars once you've completed your order form.

We also accept US Postal money orders. However please email us for pay in particulars.

Credit Cards: We regret to inform you, but due to dishonest customers who charged backed credit card orders and kept their ATM cards, we no longer accept credit cards for this product. As usual the few ruin it for the many. We apologize for this but there are numerous alternative methods of payment available.

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form enclosed!

PT Shamrock Limited
Suite # 79
184 Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines
Dublin D6, Ireland

Facsimile: + 353 1 633 5083

Or order immediately using our on-line Order Form.


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