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You've read how great the Freebooter, Stuart Goldsmith and Freedom Newsletters are. They're all great and packed full of the latest tips, secrets and little know ideas to help you live a better and freer life.

Which one do you subscribe to? We make it easy for you. Get all 3, with this unique offer for the cost of one!

Here's the deal:
Subscribe for one year to The Freebooter, Stuart Goldsmith's and Expat World and receive both PTO- Portable Trades & Occupations, and The Invisible Investor FREE! That's 3 great newsletters at about the regular subscription rate of just one. You will receive 22 big issues each year for less than what a lunch a month costs! Plus you receive PTO and The Invisible Investor, a $200 value as a bonus absolutely free if you act now. A one-year subscription for all 3 Newsletters with our iron clad refund guarantee is just US$300...

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[ ] Yes, I want to subscribe to 'The Freebooter', 'Stuart Goldsmith' and 'Expat World' Newsletters'.

A one year subscription for all 3 newsletters is just US$325 I will receive both PTO and The Invisible Investor Free, a $200 value. If I am not satisfied with the newsletter(s) after receiving my first issue, I can return both PTO and The Invisible Investor, keep my first issue of the newsletters' and receive a full No Questions Asked refund...

[ ] I enclosed my cheque, cash (registered mail only,) money order, bankers draft for GBP199/$325 for a one year subscription.

[ ] Please include your email address in case we need to contact you.

[ ] Charge my credit card [ type] _____________

Card number - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - _

Expiration date _ _ / _ _

Signature _________________________________________

Please note. Add a 5% surcharge [10% Visa] for credit card orders.

[ ] I want a two year subscription to the 3 newsletters for a 50 % discount off the special first year rate. A 2 year subscription (44 BIG ISSUES,) for just US$495.

As an extra bonus I understand I will receive 22 big back issues of the Freedom, Wealth & Privacy report, a $500 value FREE along with my two year subscription to The Freebooter, Stuart Goldsmith and Expat World.

Plus I will receive both PTO and The Invisible Investor, total bonuses...a $440 value FREE! Use our readily available order form to start your subscription.

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