Three best Ways to go offshore.

  1. Buy a boat and sail 12 miles off the coast.
  2. Buy an RV and drive down to Mexico.
  3. Fill out the order and send it to The Harris Organisation.

While some people love the water and others enjoy driving, we feel that folks who take their money seriously will find The Harris Organisation to be the smart choice.

Published offshore and dedicated to helping successful people keep more of the money they make, The Marc M. Harris Analysis provides you with the facts affecting your investments before they become news. The Marc M. Harris Analysis will keep you informed of proposed tax and legal changes before they involve your assets. The Marc M. Harris Analysis will provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions concerning your finances.

Mr. Harris is now offering a trial subscription of his fortnightly Newsletter for only $9.95 for the next 8 issues. That's only $1.24 an issue. If you consider that any one of these issues could change the way you handle the rest of your life, it's quite a bargain. With The Marc M. Harris Analysis you will have access to the same tools and information the big corporations use to protect their assets and improve their financial performance.

You owe it to yourself to make this $9.95 investment in the rest of your life. Compared to the other things you can do with a ten dollar bill, you really can't go wrong with this trial subscription. We gladly accepted payment by credit cards!

Complete the form included below and fax it to +44-171-681-1487, e-mail or mail. We'll do the rest.

If you would like more information on the Investment Services and offshore Asset Protection Structures offered by The Harris Organisation, please contact R. Kilborn in Panama. You can E-mail him at

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