Discover how the "Secret Rich" operate. How they make their money, avoid taxes, hide and protect their assets..and much more!

Are you frustrated with the growing intrusion of Big Brother government in you're life? Do you know anyone who's suffered financial ruin due to a crippling tax bill, expensive litigation? or perhaps a nasty divorce and worried if something similar could ever one day happen to you? If so, spare a few minutes to read this letter, it could be the most rewarding few minutes you will ever spend. The F.W.P. Report - a unique, bi-monthly publication. Established three years ago as a 'labour of love' by self-made multimillionaire and international traveler', Dr. Charles Freeman, it is the worlds shrewdest financial privacy publication and now has discerning subscribers in over seventy countries! Would you like to receive the same highly confidential information and expertise that enables our select circle of subscribers to protect (and build) their wealth, travel the world, and enjoy real financial freedom? The F.W.P Report (F.W.P. stands for Freedom, Wealth and Privacy) reveals secrets few others dare tell (even if they know). Each 32 Page 30,000+ word issue gives you all the latest (inside information on:

  • Confidential banking, asset protection, and all aspect of financial self-defense
  • Privacy tactics, passport programs, technology advances, and details of profitable international business Investment opportunities
  • Current government and taxman tactics against individual freedom anti private wealth, including new laws and their Loopholes;
  • What's really happening around the world's tax havens, financial centres and playgrounds";

...And much more!

Charles Freeman produces The F.W.P. Report with the help of an elite team of hand picked experts. They reveal how subscribers can build their personal wealth whilst legally free themselves from confiscatory taxes and stifling bureaucracy. You will not find better info and advice anywhere else INTRODUCTORY OFFER - So you may see for yourself just how good The F.W.P Report really is, you may order any one or more of the seventeen previous issues listed below for only £15/US $25 each (includes Airmail) usual price £3O/US $5O. Subscription Offer.' Perhaps you would like to subscribe to all future Issues of The F.W.P Report and benefit from the confidential inside information that will enable you to best protect you and your family's personal freedom, wealth and privacy in this increasingly litigious, regulated, and highly taxed world? The usual subscription fee is UK £180/US $292 per year, but you can receive this unique publication for up to three years at half price, special half price Lifetime subscriptions are also currently available. Can you afford not to take advantage of this chance to receive the world's shrewdest privacy publication? I look forward to welcoming you to The F.W.P, Report and all the profit and protection it offer you.
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PT King - PT Shamrock Limited

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PPS. Place your order within 10 days - even if for only a single introductory issue of The F.W.P. Report - and you will receive the following confidential Reports FREE OF CHARGE!:

  1. How To Obtain A Legal Foreign passport - Discover how to take advantage of the best citizenship programmes currently on offer around the world. Reviews both official and "unofficial' schemes.
  2. The Honorary consul Report - Reveals the secrets to becoming an Honorary Consul along with the numerous advantages such a (part time} post can confer on the holder. Includes never-before-published information.
Both are yours to keep even if you later send back your order for a refund!

F.W.P. Report issues for only £15/US $25 each - includes airmail! (Usually £ 3O/US $5O)

Issue 1 Includes: Current state of secrecy and rivalry amongst Swiss, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Channel Island Banks.. New Hungarian Offshore companies... Court decision undermines Jersey secrecy... Russian Offshore companies... Switzerland's fight against hot money...Islands at a bargain price. POOR Results shock for money manager's rich clients-. Investors don't always believe what you See!... The best deals going in yacht repossessions.. The best building societies offshore... Like to buy your own bank?
Issue 2. The U.S. Govt. asset forfeiture racket... Royal titles by mail Order... German sex clubs.. Hong Kong private banking... How to make money on London Wider U.K. revenue powers planned... can you trust your solicitor?... The long arm" of U.S. regulations-.. How to get a fake passport.. Wanted -settlers for island paradise... Revealed True costs of running a fund.. Scary news from Canada.
Issue 3. New taxman tactics, The taxman's secret police... Swiss bank caught in U.5. Sting operations.. Moves to make 'UK. more attractive to wealthy foreigners... Abuses of power over foreign tax Investigations.. Financial privacy tips-.. What makes a Tycoon... How to become a (part time) Honorary Consul.
Issue 4. How to get the best deals offshore.. Cayman Islands-not so secret bank accounts-... Birth Of a new tax haven... Loopholes In banking laws... E.U. driving licence loopholes... - opportunities for business.. New opportunity to became an Honorary Consul for a major third world country... How to exploit a major tax loophole by becoming a foreign investor... Checks to make on your bank... Proven onshore/offshore tactics... A way to get rich in the Far East.. How undercover agents trick their way into people's properties to gather information... Big brother data bases.. Everything you need to know about the polygraph (lie detector) Including how to beat it
Issue 5. How to save on international Phone Calls -comparison of the various Callback schemes... Possible illegal sting operation by U.S. authorities in the Channel Islands.. Cook Islands bank secrecy... Gibraltar - crushed by hypocrisy...Irish 'non-resident" companies no longer so good.. Isle of Men - "the best offshore location?... Vietnam update.. U.K. taxmen tighten their grip,.. U.S. Government curbs on electronic transfers.., Asia and the offshore money factor..... PT tips... How to spot a liar... How to get FREE international phone calls on the Internet...
ISSUE 6. Banking privacy secrets... Latin America's premier sex haven revealed... Channel Islands banks update... Buying goods and services in Eastern Europe...U.S. bounty hunters tricks of the trade... How best to invest in gold... A guide to the best Privacy newsletters... Should you set-up your own offshore company?... The easiest place in the world to get a driving license...
Issue 7. How investigators can keep track on you and your money.. Brazil - a place to put your money?... Luxembourg- banking update... Tax headaches in Russia- Settlers wanted for Greek island... tax raids bring fear and embarrassment.. Dangers ahead for South African tax evaders... Swiss banking law surprise... What to consider when setting up an offshore company... How foreign laws can protect your assets... Opportunities for Investing in India.. Advice on international car rentals. getting Legal protection in foreign jurisdictions!.. Secret taxes.. New $250 stun gun that subdues muggers - The best of the world's sexual travel books and newsletters reviewed.
Issue 8. Personal privacy tactics.. Tax Free Andorra opens its doors... Austria, an offshore tax haven?... eastern European money havens... Gibraltar bank's update... Liechtenstein bank update... Luxembourg business update... Tax authorities around the world Increasingly taking a tougher line.. U.S. tax laws and how not to break them..How to set up your own bank.. Business bargains.. Ireland as a tax haven.. How your finances could make you a drug suspect.. Which bank can you trust for everything?..
Issue 9: 9. How to get a legal second passport. The current passport programs offered by Argentina, Australia, The Bahamas, BolIvIa, Brazil,, Ecuador,, Guatemala, Hungary. Ireland. Jamaica, Mauritius, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, St. Kitts and Nevis, Uruguay and Venezuela...Belize as an offshore company haven.. The Caymans and other Caribbean banking havens..Cuba update... EU madness,.. German taxmail!..New Zealand as a PT destination and passport source..Sex isles in the Pacific... Random tax check terror for UK citizens... Are the Feds out of control.. The dangers in going offshore... Secret plastic for easy withdrawals... Home base for International entrepreneurs.. Secret ways of the credit risk assessors' revealed..UK maildrops review..
Issue 10: How smart investors are making profits with Lloyds.. London real estate and Swiss francs.. Austrian under fire.. Sex tourism in Cuba.. Labuan... Making profits in Russia.. Swiss Money secrets.. Croatian bank accounts..Banks tape Customers conversations.. FBI purposes vast increase in electronic surveillance of citizenry... Diamond dealing secrets how money is made... Advice far those in ~
Issue 11: How to encrypt your privacy..Ottawa targets tax havens.. Cyprus a haven for companies and individuals.. Government in pursuit of tax evaders..International property opportunities.. Jersey bank update..Don't bank on Russian banks... Sark - a free for all tax haven..Currency exchange loopholes..U.K. domicile rule changes.. new Russian offshore funds..Legal tax free companies.. How to make money as a real estate entrepreneur..Low profile domicile tactics... New Millionaires keep their wealth secret and offshore..Creating your invisible offshore world..-Emergency money transfers-the device that sees through brick walls... The secret market scam.
Issue 12 probing a person's private life-tricks of the trade..Banking in Andorra..Guernsey-better than Switzerland? Will E.U. tolerate Dublin's offshore success?..New Swiss law for foreign tax evaders... U.K. Revenue aims to tax offshore building societies.., U.S. style RICO act likely to be introduced in the U.K... Turning the American dream into a nightmare..Delaware - a good U.S. corporate base?... How to legally avoid lax like multinationals do... Why offshore funds should out perform bank deposits... how to Shop around for cheap currency exchanges..How launders open London banks,.. Money transfers.. The most powerful new handgun in the world..A free international phone service.. latest high tech home defenses,
Issue 13. Secret U.S. Govt. asset forfeiture techniques revealed,.. Cuba scene Update.. Luxembourg - secret haven for E.U. investors.. Relaxation in Swiss property rules for foreigners.. How to check your UK credit status... U.S.A - the coming recession- The art of lie detection - how non verbal signals can reveal a lie.. How offshore investors are ripped off by undisclosed management charges.. The Swiss Franc - world's safest currency?.. Latest technological threats to personal privacy... New global access to phone and fax answering..Computer, modem and fax combinations how the PT never need be out of touch with -base again.
Issue 14. How to become a highly paid offshore consultant.. Tax havens within EU attacked..Nevis -. Profile... New Zealand investment ~ New Swiss attitudes to banking privacy..Turks and Caicos Islands- tax fret residence now cheaper... increased U.K-Police surveillance powers... The growth of U5 judicial imperialism... Barriers to global investing..Does the PT philosophy work in the real world?..Acquring new ID- how to easily use the latest computer technology to drop out, start over and get on with your life.. Why the "out of control" Internet will free us from working routine..
Issue 15. Super Privacy - Inside information the U.S. Govt. would prefer you didn't know.. 33 Ways to protect your privacy... Dubai update... Cyprus update... Russia's tax police... U.S. Govt. attack on the sovereignty of tiny tax haven..U.K. bureaucrats plan big brother data bank... A review of the latest sex hot spots around the globe... Low risk, tax-free havens for your money... The art of lie detection .110w to detect a liar... Warning to all mobile phone owners.. More hi-tech threats to personal privacy... The Nigerian "execution" scam..How to get bargain priced Hotel rooms... New smart drug.
Issue 16: Special Report on the Isle of Man... Belize -Buying your passport to tropical paradise..Dubai - Tax-free zone... European FBI takes first steps... Expats' guide to living in Europe... Panama Update... Seychelles sells no-extradition guarantee... U.K. - Why house price falls are likely.. Offshore tricks and traps when avoiding U.K. tax,.. U.S. immigration opportunities for investors... Would you rather have your cash secret or safe?..-Where to go!... Tax On currency transactions proposed... The art of lie detection How to resist an interrgation..Internet risks... Expat Insurance tips..Phone and fax by satellite on your Island paradise..New hi-tech car alarms now available..New x-ray spy cameras.
Issue 17: The U.S. Govt.'s. New power to confiscate your personal property... Bahamas citizenship and residence programs..Swiss attempts to fight private bank competition.. U.K.. hidden expenses of tax regulations..Update on the world's tax havens - and what to beware of..Worldwide offshore banking by phone..Offshore company pitfalls.. investing - how to chart a profitable course..Index trackers pay off for long-term investors.. How anyone can be suspected of conspiring to launder money..Military traps for home security... The art of lie detection - methods of police interrogation revealed..How to be a "spy"... How to quickly and easily learn a foreign language... HOW to spot Internet money scams.

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