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"The newsletter of international living"

It's strange but true. The more you watch TV news and read the main stream press, the less you tend to know about important issues and events and the real story. This phenomena is even more pronounced if you are concerned with the international scene. Fortunately at EXPAT WORLD we have developed a newsletter that challenges the bias, inaccuracies and censorship of Big Brother and Big Business directed and orchestrated media that masquerades as news Our research staff monitors 100's of international TV and radio sources, the Internet, magazines, newspapers, private journals; computer nets and inside resources each month to provide you personal and business dealings on a truly international scale.

We sift through the media moress and more importantly, use our inside sources to publish EXPAT WORLD, the newsletter of international living. We constantly reveal what "you ain't spozed to know"-give you sources and know how to maintain your privacy, keep those hard earned bucks away from the tax man and other asset reducers.

We introduce you to tricks to sidestep Big Brother governments and bureaucracies keeping them from making you just a source of assets for their coffers - a human resource to be milked dry and brainwashed to follow the party line. We free you of those"for your own good laws!" We show you more loopholes than a Philadelphia lawyer for living a life of true freedom. We arm you with the knowledge needed to pursue the goal of breaking the chains of bureaucrats and Big Brother wherever you are living.

In any one issue you may read about: tropical retirement havens on $800 per month, securing 2nd foreign passports by mail, secret bank accounts,starting an offshore tax exempt business, loophole methods of asset protection, becoming a PT (prior taxpayer,) making money in the overseas arena, instant nobility through nobility title purchase, inside information little known travel destinations, banking passports for financial privacy, saving 1/2 or more on travel related services by becoming an instant travel agent,100's of loopholes or well kept secrets to beat the bureaucrats and enjoy a hassle free, international lifestyle and so much more...anything that will keep you ahead of the pack. If you're one of the relatively few who realizes you've taken to the cleaners by the power groups behind the mainstream media every time you read a paper or watch a TV news programs, it's time to subscribe to EXPAT WORLD.

"Expatriates Worldwide and all people fed-up with the hassles of bureaucracy don't depend on jungle drums for the special information they need-THEY READ EXPAT WORLD."
-- W.G. Hill

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