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UPDATE Winter 2003 - 2004

"Get one before it's too late!"
They're back and better than ever!

These ORIGINAL Camouflage Passports are professionally printed and of the highest quality. All come with various entry and exit visa stamps! CAMOUFLAGE PASSPORTS - THE UNCONVENTIONAL PRIVACY TOOL

Note: Please read carefully the Important Notice below before ordering. Thank you.

What are Camouflage Passports?
Camouflage Passports (CPs) are passports of countries no longer in existence, e.g. former British or Dutch colonies such as Rhodesia, Zanzibar, Dutch Guiana, Netherlands East Indies. These states have usually changed their names, typically after gaining independence. Thus, British Honduras is now Belize, while Zanzibar fused with then time Tanganyika to become today's Tanzania. Upper Volta became Burkina Faso, and of course, some of the most recent examples include the USSR and Czechoslovakia.

When American travelers became prime targets of hijacking and international terrorism on an ever increasing scale, Cps were invented to afford them some additional security. The idea was to present a potential hijacker with a valid looking, non-American document to hide one's identity. Thus, it was supposed, terrorists might pick someone else to harp upon, to take hostage or even to kill. Cps were never intended to be used as actual traveling documents at border controls, etc.

Do I really need one?
Probably, if you want to protect your privacy! At least, that's the common sentiment. Actually, this prejudice is not a bad thing at all as these passports obviously won't be of much use any longer, once every man and his dog knows about them or even has one himself. So, the fewer people that actually employ them, the better for all concerned. After all, discretion has always been a critical mainstay of personal security and safety. But let's check it out in more detail:

If you refrain from traveling; if you are in possession of a valid second citizenship for emergency purposes already and have at least some of your assets stowed away in safety (preferably not in the country where you are living most of the time, nor at the place where you actually work); if you are in no need at all of truly anonymous banking - yes, in that case (and in that case alone!) - it might seem a sheer waste of time and money to obtain a CP, unless you are into collecting that sort of curios. However, that will hardly apply to most of us! Plus: you can never actually know before some nasty streak of events whether you are really in safety or not, can you?

What if your country's regime changes over night?
If suddenly you are victimized for being a Mormon, a Jew, a WASP, a black, a Muslim, a gay, a communist, a veteran, an environmentalist - or because your spouse holds a grudge and denounces you as a child molester, a porn fiend, a pervert, a drug peddler, a mobster?

Think of all the possibilities inherent in a social and political system based on conformist and permanent state controlled brainwashing! And if that's not enough: how about the IRS or your local equivalent to that agency? What, if - just IF! - they find out - or ASSUME! - that you haven't filled in the proper return forms for that kid you hired last year as a baby sitter? Granted that no one can actually guarantee you the efficacy of a CP when it comes to planning your escape or actually fleeing a politically oppressive system. However we understand when Iraq invaded Kuwait in Desert Storm I, a few forward thinking and privacy minded soles used their CPs to escape the grasp of Saddam Hussein forces by showing their CPs!

A CP is an emergency document at best. As such, you should keep it for yourself and resist any temptation to brag with it at parties or when on a drinking spree with your buddies. Keep in mind that a CP just might make the difference between life and death when pressed for fast, decisive and - more importantly yet - effective action. However, there are other, more obvious uses for a CP, which is why we highly recommend procuring one or more.

What else can I do with a Camouflage Passport?
Ah, now comes the really interesting part! Granted that one of the most frequent uses Cps are being employed for these days is "highly unofficial", it is nevertheless of great interest if you want to anonymize your banking assets. This can be quite critical in a world where the purported "Drug War" has led to an increasingly restrictive banking practice the whole world over. While border guards and consular officials are absolute pros when it comes to recognizing false foreign documents, bank employees usually aren't. Though it isn't as easy as it use to be, there are still banks that accept camouflage documents for banking purposes though we don't warrant it.

Thus, if your name is "John Smith" and you have a CP from, say, British Honduras on the name "James Miller" and use it to identify yourself when setting up a new account with a foreign bank (never do it in the place where you are actually living or working!), you can insure total anonymity even if that country's banking laws do not permit of such a thing. Because the bank will not be aware of your true identity, they cannot give you away even if they wanted to. (To make this point very clear: most banks, foreign or domestic, almost never actually want to - they are usually being forced by law or coerced by other means if they actually do tell on you. Nevertheless, this will hardly make any difference to you when caught in the mills of the administrative system. Moreover, you can never be sure when this is going to happen - most any time could be right, depending on the winds of change and current political developments - so "watch your ass", as the saying goes!)

Please keep in mind, though, that such a procedure is a criminal offense in most countries and we do not condone such activities. Obviously, the document alone is not enough, you have to develop the bearing and behavior to go along with it. On the other hand, a banker's job consists primarily of relieving you of your money, so the risk of actually getting caught is pretty slim unless you botch the whole thing by not adhering to the standard advice of always keeping a low profile. Better to look and behave like an "average Joe" tourist or businessman from New Grenada than trying an amateurish spiel at being a VIP of international renown, unless you need that mask for some very serious reasons!

Are CPs legal?
Certainly, but a lot depends on how you use them. Possession is quite legal in most countries including the United States and Canada. They are commonly sold as novelty items and as long as you don't abuse them in an illegal manner, you will hardly get into any trouble. However,
don't ever try anything illegal like leaving or entering the country with a CP, never try it out in a traffic control, and most certainly don't ever try to honk it off to someone else as a genuine item! Actually, the latter has happened occasionally here and there. We frown upon such a practice as it only makes life difficult for all bona fide people involved in using Cps in a discrete, unobtrusive manner where absolutely necessary, holding it in reserve for hard times i.e. emergencies. May you never actually need it - but may you never go unprepared, either!

Where can I get one?
...Easy. All you have to do is go to our How to Order information below, copy it and mail, e-mail or fax it along with your credit card details to our e-mail box. You may also fax it or send international money orders by registered air mail to our snail mail address. (You will find all pertinent information below.)The following passport countries are currently available:

Camouflage Name
Real Name
British Guiana Guyana
British Honduras Belize
British Hong Kong Hong Kong
British West Indies Does not exist
Burma Myanmar
Dutch Guiana Surinam
Eastern Samoa American Samoa
Netherlands East Indies Indonesia
New Grenada Does not exist, although Grenada does.
New Hebrides Vanuatu
Rhodesia (Republic of) Zimbabwe
South Vietnam Vietnam
Spanish Guinea Equatorial Guinea
U.S.S.R. Now known as the SNG countries.
Zanzibar Amalgamated with Tanganyika to become Tanzania. Exists but does not issue passports.

Special Offer:
British West Indies camouflage

Additional bonus:
Driver's License. We also offer an additional piece of identification - a driver's license from your camouflagepassport country. See details on order form. (Of course, we are categorically NOT suggesting you actually drive with this document - this may get you in very deep water legally. Plus, there's insurance issues to consider in case of accident, etc.)

All items sold are for novelty purposes only. ... And how much will it cost me?

Easy, again. Your camouflage passport will come with two supplemental ID cards as a backup measure included for US$ 395 + $45 shipping and a possible mail drop surcharge (see below). Just US$503 plus $45 shipping for the
British West Indies camouflage Diplomatic document and back up ID's. Plus: We will supply you with an additional CAMOUFLAGE DRIVER'S LICENSE *FREE OF CHARGE*! Check our What & How to: Order information below for any additional bonus offerings and introductory discounts. Remember: All tourists carry passports.

Carrying your Camouflage Passport at all times will make you a tourist in any emergency event, anywhere, anytime! Note: You should be able to print this form directly from your e-mail reader. If not, please save it as a text file and print it from your word processor. PT Shamrock Ltd. Order Form accepted methods of payment please see below.

For fastest service we gladly accept payment via . Just e-mail and in the subject line type "E-Gold." Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Please fill out this form and send it to us. (If in doubt, fax or e-mail for help.) Alternatively use our easy to remit Western Union Quick Pay (blue form) method. Just indicate on your order form your preferred method of payment. Once we receive your completed order form, we'll immediately send you the pay-in particulars. Thank you.

(Effective April 2003).
Due to recent US governmental actions and insecure agencies, US customs has been opening and confiscating camouflage and other ID documents in spite of these products being novelty items and perfectly legal.

As a result, we no longer ship camouflage passports and other ID products direct to the US or North America, or use the postal system. Therefore for *ALL* our North American friends you now MUST use a foreign address when ordering these type of products.

We have made arrangements with several reliable, privacy minded non-US mail drop operators to provide a one time, one off mail accepting and forwarding service that will accept your courier packet and immediately turn around and courier it off to you anywhere in the world. In other words we will ship your camouflage or ID order to a non US address, which in turn will forward it to you regardless where you're located.

Please add US$65 for this service, which includes the one time use of the non-US mail drop and the double courier charges, i.e. the cost of it being sent by courier to the mail drop, then the forwarding from the mail drop to you by courier a second time.

You will be provided with the name of the courier company and the tracking number once your product has been shipped. However we will no longer be responsible in the event customs confiscates this product or the order is 'lost' in transit. Therefore it is imperative that clear, concise and a detailed street address with phone number (for courier company use only), is provided in order to insure a safe and expedient delivery to you as ALL orders are F.O.B. and final!

We regret having to take this action and the added cost for our customers. However due to the recent climate in Amerika we refuse to ship these type of products direct to any United States or North American addresses any longer. Thank you for your understanding.

----------- cut and paste -----------

If you are ordering any ID or camouflage product, please remember to attach your passport photo and signature in 300dpi (dots per inch,) JPEG format. If you don't know how to do this then please contact us by email for instructions.

[ ] Yes, I want my own Camouflage Passports and accept the terms and conditions stated above ...
CAMOUFLAGE PASSPORT US$395 + US$45 shipping & handling

[ ] Yes I require a one off mail drop to accept and forward my camouflage documents.

[ ] I'd like a British West Indies Diplomatic Passport and backup credentials for US$503 plus US$45 shipping.

specify country: .................................... incl. DRIVING LICENSE

Order For CAMOUFLAGE PASSPORTS and complementary ID cards please fill out the following fields.

First name: .....................................

Surname you wish the passport to be made out to ( need not be your birth name)

date of birth: ....................................

place of birth: ....................................

height (in ' and " or cm): .....

color of eyes: .................

weight (in lbs. or kgs): ......

Address you wish placed in documents (note if you do not place an address here, we will place one for you.) .....................................................................

Any special instructions: ............................................... Also, please don't forget to send us:
  • TWO PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOS (2" x 2") or (1-3/8" x 1-1/4") in Black & White or Color.
  • And for the DRIVER'S LICENSE send ONE ID SIZE PHOTO (1" x 1-1/4")
  • For fastest service you can e-mail via jpeg file attachment two colored passports size pictures at 300 dpi (dots per inch.) Please make sure your file attachment DOES NOT exceed 500 K bytes in size otherwise our servers will reject the attachment, which will delay your order.
  • If you require assistance doing this, simply go to a print photo with your passport pictures, have them scan it onto a floppy diskette in JPEG format (less than 500 K Bytes), then you can e-mail it to us for fastest servicing.
For your Diplomatic Camouflage Passport remit US$503 + US$45 S & H, plus US$65 for North American deliveries.

Please fill out the following fields for your order:

Last Name:
First Name and Middle Initial:
Street Address or P.O.B.:
City: State/Province:
Postal/Zip Code:
E-mail Address:
Fax: Name and address to ship to:

Payment by:

[ ] I wish to pay by. Please send me the pay-in details.

[ ] I wish to pay by . Please send me the pay-in details. Thank you.

[ ] I wish to send a bank wire. Please send me your bank co-ordinates.

[ ] Credit Card **Please Note** Please add a 10% surcharge on ALL credit card orders.

Please enter your credit card information:

[ ] Mastercard [ ] American Express [ ] Diners [ ] Visa

Name as it appears on your Credit Card: .....................................

Credit Card Number: .................

Expiry Date:../...

Three (3) digit code . . .

on the backside off your credit card on the magnetic strip.


[ ] Payment by cheque or international money orders. Please make payable to PT Shamrock. DO NOT send cash, as we are NOT responsible if it is lost in transit to us and we do not receive it. Normal processing time is approximately 4 weeks. Please allow an additional 4 weeks for the clearing of cheque's and international money orders as we will NOT process your order until and unless we receive cleared funds. In order to expedite your order, it is advisable to remit payment by e-gold, Western Union Quick Pay, Bank wire or by credit card.

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Dublin D6, Ireland

Facsimile: + 353 1 633 5083

Or order immediately using our on-line Order Form.


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