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Trevellian Takes the Baton

What Ever Happened to the Original W.G. Hill ?
[Or, the Perils of High Profile!]

For those who pay attention to such things, perhaps you, dear reader may have noticed that the three first Hill books, Think Like A Tycoon, Passport Report and PT were written in a certain style. This syntax was not quite the same in later "Hill" books including Sex Havens, Banking in Silence and anything supposedly authored by Hill (published or revised after 1990).

At long last, the truth can be revealed: The original Hill retired in 1990. Everything attributed to him after that time was written by a committee. This group of writers shared his ideas, but the quality of expression was not always up to par.

Why Did Hill Retire? Secrets Revealed after Seven Years!

Everyone who knew Hill or heard him speak on the international seminar circuit was told by him that "Hill" was only a pen name. His real name, he said (only when pressed), was "Rumpelstilskin". Of course that wasn't his real name either, but it doesn't matter. Hill was trying to protect himself against Big Brother's Revenge. He knew that no writer who spoke out against government excess was ever going to be safe against those very excesses.

As every reader of the early Hill books know, Hill said, "The best protection is to blend in. Become as inconspicuous as an earthworm; Keep a low profile." This obviously, was impossible for Hill personally. When you are writing and lecturing publicly you must have public contact. Hill's Sark mail drop address proved to be unsafe. It was the link from which Big Brother bribed and bullied his way into Hill's ass and his assets.

Back in 1989, Hill was an un-muzzled crusader for right and justice. A decade earlier he had been a best selling author (under a different name), and a leading light in the American Libertarian Party. As a result of those associations, Hill experienced his first arrest and asset seizure. These experiences in the "land of the free" inspired his defection to England and eventually spawned the PT Philosophy. What is PT? Basically an avoidance of confrontations with BB and the Bureau-Rats. Hill thought that with a new citizenship and his ass and assets safely out of Big Brother's jurisdiction, he could violate his own low profile rule with impunity. Not so!

A Tale of Betrayal !

Several years after he resurfaced in the United Kingdom as W.G. Hill, agents of Big Brother visited Hill's Sark mail-drop. By making menacing gestures (empty threats) and then offering an appropriate (but very small bribe under the circumstances), they got a treasure trove of stock-broker and bank statements plus other documents identifying the names, amounts and exact locations of Hill's accounts -- plus information on where he was sleeping. Hill actually lived on Sark at the time.

Hill woke up one A.M. on Sark, denuded of 95% of his assets. The Sark Banks gave up his assets without so much as notifying him. Hill's ass was also endangered: A detective-inspector from a nearby island came to visit him with the news that his body, suitably bound and gagged, had been urgently requested by Big Brother. Hill's extradition was requested. On what grounds? As a former USA resident he was wanted for non-filing of income tax returns! The real reason of course was his literary and lecturing activities. So much for freedom of speech. Hill was needed for torture and questioning in New York.

As a result of this fortuitous warning, Hill took his "packed suitcase" and like Bambi smelling the hunters, left Sark forever. Thereafter, Hill advised all his clients that his former confidant and administrative aide there was a double crossing S.O.B. who would sell them out to the highest bidder. The Sark Mail-master & provider of residences then proceeded to betray other clients. But he got away with it like the perfidious Swiss. [They too betray their most vulnerable clients without the others finding out about it.] The majority of these Sark clients never knew (and still don't know) that Sark's "leading" maildrop provider is in bed with the enemy. If you have not heard the whistle blow before today, you hear it now! Take heed.

Property Seizures in the 1990's

The net result of B's offensive in Hill's case, was that back in 1990, most of Hill's registered bank accounts, securities, and accounts receivable were seized. The only way for Hill to get them back was to sue and appear personally in Big Brothers Home Turf. Hill knew from his own past experiences and those of his clients that this option was always fatal to ones freedom and finances. So Hill kissed his assets good-bye. A millionaire no longer, at least his Ass was still intact for the time being.

Ass & Assets Update

When BB wants you, they can do whatever they want to you especially when you come within their territorial jurisdiction. Abroad it is a little harder, but the Feds have certainly penetrated most localities favored by Americans and ex-Americans. If they know where you sleep they can kidnap you or seize your assets. They can also kill you. If they know where you bank, they can apply pressure and usually freeze and seize your accounts. Big Bro doesn't need any "legal" reason to seize property any more. They justify property-grabs by simply alleging that the assets are "related to fraud or money laundering." The agents and informants who arrange the seizure, the judges who approve and even the holders who release without a court order may be given an incentive to co-operate by being allowed to keep the major portion of your assets for themselves! Recovery by owner? Maybe after a few hundred thousand dollars of non-recoverable legal fees and years of litigation, the owner (if he can prove he is Lilly White) can recover part of the assets. But this (in the rare instances where it happens) is a Pyrric Victory. Why? Read on.

Swiss Bank Asset Seizures

Hill knows (and you should also know) that as to assets seized (they call it "arrested") from Swiss Banks, the Swiss bankers and the Swiss Department of Justice have made an accord with the USA government. This (in our opinion, criminal deal) is that they, the Swiss Banks and the Swiss Government would split and keep two thirds of any assets turned over to the USA government. Any assets requested by the USA Department of Justice will be seized and frozen in Switzerland. No proof of wrongdoing is needed, just as if these assets were on deposit within the USA! After confiscation, under Swiss law, "their" two thirds, plus costs amounting to slightly over another one-third would NOT be recoverable from the Swiss Banks or Swiss Government by the original owner --- even if that claimant proved in a USA court that his seized assets were untainted.

A local Swiss court cannot hear such matters as they are treaty-related and thus part of foreign relations!

The logic of the deal for the Swiss (if there is any logic) was that if the USA Government wanted to cause trouble for any individual related in any way to the USA, the Swiss would co-operate. Reason? Because it is highly profitable. They gain control and ownership (legal title) to two-thirds of any account they hold for a customer by turning over one-third of client funds to the USA. When this unholy grab was negotiated, the Swiss didn't have their reputation or clients interest at heart -- just as long as the Swiss could make a profit on the deal and couldn't lose under any circumstances. There is an old joke about Swiss bankers: "If you see a Swiss banker jumping out of a window, follow him and do the same thing there is sure to be a profit in it!" Of course we wonder what happens when word gets out that the Swiss Banks as a matter of official policy will always betray their customers. When Nazi Germany seized Poland and Central Europe, the Swiss made a deal with the new government (and subsequently the Communists) to retain all Polish private accounts for themselves in exchange for bank assets sequestered in Poland. How nice it is to give away what it isn't yours to give!

The Americans like to make such deals because [in their never ending war on drugs which is really a war against privacy], when they target an individual they are out to destroy that individual. Who actually gets the money is of little concern to them. Governments want control and power.

Who will do business with a Swiss Bank when it becomes generally known that they will confiscate 2/3rds of their customer's account for themselves and turn over the balance of any assets of foreigners to any government authority requesting the money? No proof of wrongdoing needed. No criminal conviction needed. Nothing but a simple allegation by the USA Department of Justice that the money is "tainted." For more complete details on how this procedure works, see the chapter on the Wayne Phillips case in this book. Several hundred cases are now pending in Switzerland. Any American owned account in Switzerland is in danger if its existence is known or suspected by USA authorities. Of course the authorities in both countries can only act against specific, identified accounts or accounts where an American passport has been used to identify an owner.

Lessons From Hill's Experience

Don't assume that government enforcement capabilities are static. They are always trying to figure out new ways to grab your assets and put your ass back under their whip. Keep up with what is going on by subscribing to newsletters and publications specializing in such matters. Just as every new design for a sword (offensive weapon) leads to a new shield (defense) the long running battle between free citizens and oppressive governments will go on forever. New developments happen (on both sides) every day! Contribute your own experiences and the experiences of others for general publication. As Ben Franklin, a great enemy of Big Brother once said: "If we don't hang together, we shall hang separately!" Keep up with the latest developments by the Enemy and the things you can do to protect yourself. Don't assume that there is any "eye in the sky that sees & knows everything." There isn't. Their technical powers grow, but then so do ours. PGP codes for instance can now effectively protect the honest citizen who doesn't want to accept oppression. Just as Fascism and Communism ultimately succumbed, rampant Big Brother Thuggery will ultimately prove unacceptable if we keep the flame burning!

Don't assume there is such a thing as bank secrecy! Your account is secret where ever it may be only if it is not known to or discoverable by your enemies or creditors. If they have a location, account number, or even suspect what name it is held under, your goose is cooked.

Especially, stay away from Swiss Banks! The only way your assets can be secret in Switzerland is if they are deposited anonymously (bearer shares or accounts) or in names known only to you. Further, any bank involved with you must believe you have no connections with the Great Star Spangled Satan (Big Brother). This is accomplished only if you never use a USA passport for any financial dealings. Remember, the USA is the only country in the world today that taxes the world-wide income of non-USA residents or claims (as Nazi Germany did) total jurisdiction over former USA citizens or residents -- regardless of where they actually live or the fact that they may have attempted to renounce USA citizenship. As the maiming, assassination, and capture of foreigners abroad by kidnapping, this is also legally sanctioned by the USA. We have still another reason to remain anonymous.: Our Personal, Physical Safety.

Don't trust your secrets, sensitive files, or even mail containing bank statements to any mail-drop operator. Or to anyone at all, for that matter! Don't pay your mail-drop fees with checks or currency transfers leading to your other assets. It is always better to cut your ties to your past life entirely. But we recognize that this may be impossible (psychologically) for most people to do. In such cases where contact (with friends left behind in a potentially dangerous environment) must be maintained, it is best to use a service like AYOC (see end of book) where all briefly stored messages are electronic, preferably coded, and where your identity and whereabouts are unknown to the mail-drop operator. Above all, don't have visions of grandeur and illusions of invincibility! Keep a low profile to the point of invisibility. If you write for publications on PT subjects, do it under a pen name. Keep the whereabouts of your ass and assets secret even from your publisher and the people you (will) meet as a result of your writings. Remember, BB watches the Bureau-rat Monitors.

A healthy dose of Paranoia is necessary for survival if you are anything but a Johnny Lunchbucket who "respects authority absolutely" & has never had an original thought in his head.

What Happened When Hill's Ass Was Nearly Grass

It was a stroke of good fortune that the detective involved was a great fan of Hill's. Instead of arresting him, the British cop told Hill that "perhaps a long overdue retirement was now in order." The policeman then said "I wasn't here, and won't be back for 24 hours. Use your time well." A much poorer and wiser Hill thus in 1990, disappeared from the scene. He never again wrote for publication. But was he defeated by Big Brother? We think not. His many great ideas have caused major consequences in the real world.

Ideas may be the only things that cannot be killed by government oppression. The seeds and many original techniques that Hill thought up in the P.T. book and his many other writings were nurtured and expanded upon by hundreds of others. The leading Hill successors include his former personal editor and one-time best friend, Peter Trevellian.

Peter Trevellian [also a pen name, of course!] has never had his picture appear in public. He has never spoken in public. Peter intends to keep his whereabouts a secret. Moreover, as "PT" is not a USA citizen and has never set foot in the USA , he feels that Big Brother would have a more difficult time targeting him than they did with Hill. P.T. has no assets outside of the tax haven where he lives. At his tax haven home he is an attorney (who like Hill, hates attorneys and accountants) and he is politically well connected

Thus it comes to pass that "Peter Trevellian" becomes the anointed and thrice-blessed successor to Hill. In our archives we have a signed and witnessed letter from Hill to the effect that Trevellian was chosen by Hill himself to become his literary heir. Dr. Hill has turned over all his unpublished manuscripts to "PT" for editing, re-writing and eventual publication. Over the next few years. Peter Trevellian has decided to publish under his own name some 1,200 pages of new and exciting material. We at PT Shamrock are delighted to have been selected as Dr. Trevellian's publishers.

PTO/Portable Trades and Occupations is the first of these new special reports to be released under the imprimatur of Shamrock, Ltd. You can judge for yourself if it comes up to the standards of the original Hill classics, Tycoon, Pass-port and PT. We think it is just as good, perhaps better. As always, the authors welcome and need reader input, comments corrections and constructive criticism. Be it a factual matter or grammar and typographical errors, any substantial contribution will get the reader a free copy of the next revised and expanded edition of the Hill / Trevellian book of his choice.

P.T. King
Publisher & Distributor
for PT Shamrock Ltd.

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