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U.S. civil forfeitures now enforced internationally

Recently, the English High Court ruled that a US civil forfeiture order can be registered and enforced in England even though the owner of the property was never allowed a proper chance to rebut the evidence (DTOA 126 of 1990 Re: F, judgment of 29 November 1996). In Great Britain, at least, so long as the US government alleges that the "real" owner of property held there is a criminal, the courts will not permit any challenge whatsoever by an innocent owner.

In this case, the innocent owner-a corporation-was never allowed to contest the ruling in US court because it was held not to have "standing" to do so, as it was not judged not to be the "real" owner. The English High Court accepted this circular reasoning without question.

Not only does this case have frightening implications for US persons with assets in Great Britain, it also has the force of law in those "British Dependent Territories" promoted as Offshore Financial Centres, such as the Cayman Islands, the Turks and Caicos Islands, the British Virgin Islands.


The foregoing should convince even the most skeptical reader that the US government has absolutely no intention of honoring even the most rudimentary rights to privacy and property. Moreover, the US government's ruthless anti-privacy and anti-property regime is now expanding its net internationally.

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The founding father's of the United States Rebelled against England when the tax rate was something like 4% without representation. Now the various tax rates are approaching upwards to 60% not including sales tax, misc. consumption taxes, etc.

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