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Every person Utilizing a Portable Trade or Occupation Needs Many Essential Services.
Here are some of the Critical Ones

You can read about these and other crucial services without which one engaged in a Portable Trade and Occupation could not successfully practice in their FREE SPECIAL REPORT available exclusively from the Publishing House and to members of the WORLDWIDE PTO NETWORK, A FREE Service of PT Shamrock Ltd.


It is not commonly known, fortunately, that passports and nationality is a commodity that can be purchased quite legally! The United Kingdom, for example "sells" its passports to nearly anyone prepared to invest £1,000,000 in the country, half of it in gilts, (government debt bonds.) Other passprots can be acquired for a mere pittance:$100 US. You can normally change personal details like names. However, there are many countries in the world which are less exacting in their requirements and their verification procedures. Even diplomatic passports may be obtained legally and with relative ease from certain jurisdictions. Naturally, this type of market is in a constant state of flux but as soon as one government's scheme ends another pops up to replace it.

There are many dishonest people pretending to act as passport brokers. They supply crude foreign documents, if they do not simply disappear with your money. Fortunately, we are in a position to refer a number of tried and tested consultants who represent or run officially sponsored second nationality programs in various parts of the world. There are a surprising number of countries offering "economic citizenship" at bargain prices. by past standards. There are also some top-notch nations in the European Community quietly offering schemes that we are not at liberty to describe, except to clients.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please let us know. Along with you address, include a telephone number and times you can be contacted. We will pass your details on to a suitable person who will help you to make a determination of your options. Where appropriate a meeting may be arranged. As these contacts are international we may be able to put you in touch with someone in or near your area. Please see contact details at end of this section for the particulars.


Universal Consolidated Finance (UCF) has vast experience providing the sort of low profile flexible solutions to client problems rarely offered in these times of government caused paranoia in the financial services industry. UCF on the other hand holds true to the traditional code of their profession: Client confidentiality is paramount. It is for this reason that UCF has become the premier suppliers of financial privacy products to the PT market. Their services fall into several categories:

  1. UCF can anonymously register a company or trust in any major off-shore jurisdiction (including the US and UK) and provide registered offices, nominees and administrators.

  2. They can also help with investments: not only shares and off-shore mutual funds but also commodities and specific projects from agricultural exports to purchase and running of gold mines!

  3. For viable projects requiring capitalization in excess of £1,000,000, UCF can arrange financing.

  4. In the area of banking services, both corporate and personal banking, along with anonymous credit card facilities from worthwhile jurisdictions can be provided without the usual formalities.

  5. UCF can act as trustees for other assets: financial or otherwise.


Dr. Hill, retired and laying on a white sandy beach with five dusky "cousins", no longer gives many consultations to new clients unless they wish to pay his $10,000 US annual retainer. Through PT Shamrock's vast resources and contacts the services of several expert and more reasonably priced consultants, are available. These include Peter Trevellian, Seymour Samson and John Hawke.

Mr. Samson was a successful pioneering entrepreneur with a vast international network of contacts. Retired from active business and in order to combat boredom, Samson decided to share his insights with like-minded individuals. He has collaborated with Hill on a number of projects over the years and has great first hand knowledge of many international businesses and how to run them with a minimum of bureaucratic interference. You may recognize one of the chapters about him in PTO, Portable Trades and Occupations. He is also an expert on many international matters of special relevance to Americans as a result of his insider's view of Big Brother. He has developed a number of unique tools to combat "that great Leviathan than sticks its tentacles into every orifice of the body politic".

John Hawke originally worked with a major international financial institution in the City of London. He decided to give up trying to work within the system after the "deregulation" of the Financial Services Act and other pettifogging regulations stifled the normal business practices of decades and imposed a ridiculous amount of control and bureaucracy on the financial and banking sector. John now recommends more flexible investing, banking and credit facilities outside of the ever growing sphere of the interfering nanny state.

Ways still exist (legally) to outwit and outmaneuver Big Brother. According to John the keystone for construction of a new and free life is a new identity. After leaving finance John traveled the world and obtained extensive knowledge of setting up different types of businesses overseas. Thus he came across many government sanctioned second nationality programs. He is qualified to to help consulting clients with both banking and second travel documents.

Should you require to pick the brains of either John, Seymour or the others mentioned above, please authorize a VISA charge or send £200 (US$375) together with your written questions giving a detailed picture of your aims and as much background information as you wish to provide. We will forward this for direct reply from the appropriate consultant. If you would prefer to have a telephone consultation enclose a number with your payment. The most appropriate consultant available will contact you to arrange for a 30 minute telephone phone consultation at a mutually convenient time. Should a more detailed advice be needed, a 4 hour personal meeting with your consultant in Europe may be arranged. The fee for this service is in the £700/US$1,300 range.

As these consultants frequently travel around Europe, Asia and the Americas it may be possible to arrange a meeting at a different venue. For more information or to arrange a consultation write, fax or email us at:

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