Caribbean Safety Net NON TIEA Reporting Bank Account

"The right to privacy is a part of our basic freedoms.
Privacy is fundamental to close family ties, competitive free
enterprise, the ownership of property, and the exchange of ideas."
PT Shamrock - Newsletter issue one; 1994

First Time Offered!

PT Shamrock is renown for offering company and banking secrecy since 1994.

This exciting new Caribbean Safety Net account is with one of the strongest and safest banks in the Caribbean.

Further and more important, this bank is located in a non reporting non TIEA
(Tax Information Exchange Agreements) jurisdiction and therefore does not report
to the tax authorities regarding any of its clients in Europe or North America!

Why this bank could very well be your best banking bet?

* Account opening in two days, upon reception of complete documentation
* Customer Service in 16 languages available 24/7.
* Representative Office in Europe
* Secure on-line Internet banking [included via codes]
* Not a lender and have never lent to any "sub prime" borrowers.
* No "toxic debt".
* Audited by KPMG.
* Regulated by International Financial Services Authority.
* Largest Bank in tit's country locale.
* Principal member of MasterCard.
* Member of SWIFT.
* Data is securely archived subject to strict confidentiality by law.
* No minimum deposit required.
* No personal presence required for account opening
* Low cost one-time account opening fee.
* All fees are disclosed up-front.

* Has up-to-date laws ensuring proper preservation of confidential relationships in financial services.
* Country in the Caribbean, is not subject to the European Tax Directive,
and has 0 % tax liability.
* A stable independent nation and it is a full member of the British Commonwealth.
* There are no tax treaties with other countries.

What are the benefits of having a Caribbean account?

* You can manage your activities 24 x 7 from any place in the world:
* No personal presence is needed for the execution of the bank transactions,
* No more staying in line at your bank,
* No mistakes that could possibly be made by bank employees - you and only
YOU control every transaction you make,
* Available in 16 languages!
* Available to you ON-LINE - you can conduct essential activities through
the secure account over the web!
* No need to visit in person as we act as source act and the introducer for you.

Once we receive your order and cleared funds, your bank application is sent direct to you. You simply fill it out, sign it, and return it direct to our source, along with your notarized passport copy, current utility bill and a reference letter from a bank, attorney or accountant.

Our cost for this exciting bank account is just US$1,295 for either a personal or company account: [subject to you're having an existing company with the required papers including a current certificate in good standing.]

If you require a new non-annual filing jurisdiction for your company, we are happy to provide you with either a Nevis or Belize company in your chosen name for just US$1,495 in addition to the regular fee of US$1,295.

To order please proceed to our secure on-line order form

Please indicate your preferred method of payment at the drop down

Your ordering code
1. "Caribbean Personal" @ US$1,295
2. "Caribbean Company" @ US$1,295 [you must have an existing company
and current papers]
3. "Caribbean NEW Company" @ US$2,790 [select three names for your
company and Belize or Nevis for your non filing company.]
4. Bank card and a Digipass device are optional. The Digipass authenticates
client with Digital signature before transactions (additional fee of US$290 for the digipass and bank card which you remit direct to the bank when you account is opened.

You can remit payment by Bank Wire Transfer, MoneyGram (any amount,) Bitcoin or Western Union.

Once we receive your order form, we will immediately e-mail you the pay-in particulars.

All ordering particulars, including name, address, ID (if required) and payment method are secured by 256 bit blowfish encryption, then securely deleted after our guarantee period has expired, i.e. 30 days. See

To ORDER and pay by Bank Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Moneybookers, MoneyGram or Western Union, please proceed to our secure on-line order form HERE.

If your order is priced in EURO, you may remit the USD or another currency equivalent of the product's EURO amount for your order.

For the latest EURO to USD or other exchange rate see

Thank you for your interest in PT Shamrock's products and services.

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