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"Our country is wherever we are well off."- John Milton 1666
"Living well is the best revenge."-F. Scott Fitzgerald.


UPDATED - Spring 2003!

Your Five Star Guide and Blue print to Financial and Personal Freedom! Never before has anyone, anywhere put together such a comprehensive, through and in-depth manual. This easy to read and use report was five years and thousands of research-hours in the making. Now offered for the latest edition is the "OFFSHORE MANUAL & DIRECTORY."

This 600 pages + fact-filled report-(offered nowhere else,) is expanded and kept-up-to-date on a regular basis. It is The recognized and indispensable authoritative guide book of the experts. It gives you the inside track - to the offshore world community.

Two great fast ways to receive your "Offshore Manual & Directory" NOW!

1. Via E-mail for just US$47.oo
2. CD Rom disk at just US$67, postage

Do you SINCERELY want to know the secrets and insider information of the offshore world - and how to use it to your advantage? My advice, get the


  1. Buy a boat and sail 12 miles off the coast.
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  3. Get on a plane and fly out of the country
    or follow the best advice:
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You will receive your copy of the "OFFSHORE MANUAL & DIRECTORY" next week to learn all about how, when and where to obtain:


Learn the insider facts and insights from the experts on how and where to obtain personal and financial freedom. The "OFFSHORE MANUAL & DIRECTORY" gives you your direct hyperlinks to the world's leading experts and suppliers of offshore products and services - as well as proven sophisticated offshore, privacy, tax haven and PT practices and techniques which you will also receive in a do-it-yourself introduction in the report.

What is a PT? The concept of PT was originally developed by the legendary Harry D. Schultz in his book "How to Keep Your Money and Your Freedom" published in 1964, and later expanded and refined by W. G. Hill in his first book on the subject.

In a nutshell, a PT merely arranges his or her paperwork in such a way that all governments consider him a tourist. A person who is just "Passing Through". The advantage is that being thought of by government officials as a person who is merely "Parked Temporarily", a PT is not subjected to taxes, military service or lawsuits. PT also stands for "Perpetual Traveller", but the individual who is a PT can stay in one place most of the time. Or all of the time. PT is a concept, a way of life, and a way of perceiving the universe and your place in it. One can be a full-time PT, or a part-time PT. Some may not want to break out all at once, or become a PT at all. They just want to be aware of the possibilities, and be prepared to modify their lifestyle accordingly in the event of a crisis. A "Possibility Thinker" who is "Prepared Thoroughly" for the future. PT is a way of thinking and being.

How can the 'OFFSHORE MANUAL & DIRECTORY' assist you?

It is simply the first offshore guide-directory-manual of its kind. It lists the names and addresses of more than fifteen hundred (1,500 +!) of the world's leading suppliers of offshore, privacy, PT, tax haven products, services and expert advice - many of whom your accountant, financial advisor and lawyer keep to themselves, or don't even know about. See the below Table of Contents! It should also be noted that several of these specialists or firms never advertise their services in newspapers or magazines. Each entry is placed in well-arranged groups according to subject with a short explanatory caption to each.

Also listed in the OFFSHORE MANUAL & DIRECTORY are several hundreds of the world's best and safest maildrops and serviced offices. The 'OFFSHORE MANUAL & DIRECTORY' has been scrupulously researched; the information therein rigorously analyzed, and it is totally independent.


on asset protection, tax havens, offshore, privacy and PT related subjects. On the below 'Table od Contents' you can see which areas of essential information have been covered in this unsurpassed source book A short introduction sets out and explains in detail the basic advantages, principles, uses and practices of each group, where relevant. Whether you choose to do-it-yourself, or to let one of the many firms listed in 'OFFSHORE MANUAL & DIRECTORY' handle it for you, you will find all the relevant names, and addresses and information you need.

For example, you will learn

  • how and where legally to obtain second and diplomatic passports;
  • a camouflage passport;
  • open an anonymous bank account with no ID;
  • obtain offshore and anonymous credit cards (without credit check of your current credit rating);
  • where most advantageously to incorporate your own offshore tax free company;
  • obtain an international driver's license directly from the issuer;
  • travel agent status with IATA ID -

and much, much more insider information.

In short, if you want to keep up-to-date with the latest inside info and know-how about going offshore, complete the below order form and return it today. Here's what the Experts say...

"The easiest way to get the names and address' every PT needs!" -Peter Trevellian, best selling PT author
"Every PT should have one in their library!" Father of PT...
"It would make my job harder if I didn't have one." Dr. Seymour Samson, offshore advisor and consultant...

And here's what our customers say!

"Thanks, I got my banking passport for USD$4,500 just like it said in the manual!" Rolf H. Frankfurt,Germany...

"Saved me thousands of pounds and countless hours!" Stuart K, London, England

"Worth it's weight in gold!" Giovanni F. Milan, Italy...

Comes with our iron clad, money back 30-day guarantee, you have nothing to lose and Freedom to gain!


  1. Anonymous Bank Accounts. Anonymous Bank Accounts. Austrian "Sparbuch"
  2. Business Opportunities. Import/Export. International Franchise Opportunities. Network Marketing/MLM.
  3. Camouflage Passports. Camouflage Passports, Driver's Licenses and Identity Cards. Official Looking Travel Documents/Alternative Travel Documents.
  4. Credit Cards. Anonymous Credit Cards. International Debit Cards. Secured Credit Cards.
  5. Diplomatic Passports and Appointments. Diplomatic Passports and Appointments. Honorary Consulates.
  6. Finance. Business Finance and Investments. Capital Available/Wanted. Commodities.
  7. International Driving Licenses.
  8. Investigation, Detective and Security Agencies.
  9. Investments. Investment Management. Investment Opportunities.
  10. Maildrops and Serviced Offices.
  11. 2 Countries and Territories. Business Center Office Networks.
  12. Miscellaneous. Cheque Cashing Facilities. Divorce Services. Executive Accommodating. Financial Services. International Health and Travel Insurance. Miscellaneous. Secrets Revealed.
  13. Offshore Companies. Banks. Offshore Company Formation and Registration Services. Trusts.
  14. Orders of Chivalry. Various Orders of Chivalry.
  15. Press Passes.
  16. PT Service Providers.
  17. (PT) Newsletters, Publications and Websites. Newsletters. Newspapers and Magazines. PT Information and Reference Websites. Various Publications and Publishers.
  18. Real Estate. Commercial. Distinctive Properties and Estates. Residential. Wanted.
  19. Registration of Aircrafts, Cars and Vessels. License Plates for Tax Free Cars. Registration of Aircrafts. Registration of Vessels.
  20. Second Passports and Dual Nationality. Immigration. Second Passport and Dual Nationality. Visas.
  21. Tax Advisors and Offshore & PT Consultancy. Offshore and PT Consultancy. Tax Advisors.
  22. Tax Free Cars.
  23. Tax Havens and Offshore Financial Centers. Andorra-Wyoming (69 Countries and Territories).
  24. Telecommunications. Anonymous Embalm and Remailing. Callback Services. E-mail auto-responder Services. Email-To-Fax Services. Encryption Software. Fax-On-Demand Services. Fax Services. Internet Links to Search Engines and Resources Internet Management and Publishing Services. Internet Name Registration, Service Providers and Submission Services. Miscellaneous. Personal Telephone Numbers. Telecommunication Service Providers.
  25. Titles of Nobility. Attached to Land. Available for Promotion of Commercial Products and Services. Through Adoption/Marriage. Through Brokers/Intermediaries/Transfer from a Noble/Princely Family. Through Genealogy Tracing. Through Patent Letters.
  26. Travel Agent Status. Travel Agent Status with IATA/ID card.
  27. Travel Discount and Benefit Cards. University Degrees. Degrees by Mail: Through Distance-Learning/Life- and Academic-Experience. Honorary Awards.
  28. Websites. Useful News, Offshore, PT and Related Websites.


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