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PT1 -- The Perpetual Traveller

PT1 -- The Perpetual Traveller

Be advised that we no longer sell *ANY* W.G. Hill/Scope Reports!

They're years out of date and the information is irrelevant in today's world.

May we suggest superior, current, up to date books and reports;

The Internationalist
How To Legally Obtain a Second Passport

By Dr. W.G. Hill Last Edition! A coherent plan for a stress-free, healthy and prosperous life without government interference, taxes or coercion. The PT theory outlined in this volume is elegant, simple and requires no accountants, attorneys, offshore corporations, nor other complex arrangements. Since the income of most PT's is instantly doubled, and most frustrations with Big Brother are instantly eliminated, the logical question is:
"can you afford not to become a PT".
240 pages, US$50 (plus shipping). Order Now

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