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Invisible Investor

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Lawyers & Tax Collectors Will Cringe When They see My new Book In Your Hands!


Get your assets out of the country, before your country gets your assets out of you
--Peter Trevellian 's Latest Bomb shell

Courts and juries have gone mad -- with million dollar plus verdicts formidily miffed but otherwise undamaged plaintiffs; Government agencies can confiscate and destroy everything you own, without due process, Property rights have been eroded beyond all recognition. Selective Prosecution means that successful people with visible assets run a high risk of criminal indictment.

Do you need new defenses, new asset protection options?

The INVISIBLE INVESTOR a brilliant, fast moving, easy reading report by the legendary W.G. Hill, (author of the Passport Report and Perpetual Tourist) and Dr. Peter Trevellian, the world's foremost expert expatriation of assets will give you amazing insights into a secret world you never knew existed, a way of handling your savings and assets so that: You'll never spend another day nor a single dime on lawyers, tax preparers, or accountants. Lawyers, accountants and bureaucrats will be banished from your life -forever. You, the invisible or anonymous investor can be insulated and buffered to the point where you'll never be sued or waste a moment of your life defending yourself in court. You make yourself judgment proof at a stroke and at no cost. [Yes, you read that correctly.]

More important, you will make new contacts and much more money on your investments than you ever dreamed possible. You'll learn what it means to be a "PT" or sovereign individual. Your private papers and personal records become invisible and undiscoverable. Your assets are likewise invisible and undiscoverable in the custody of big safe banks that don't even know your name. Yet you can cashout any time and have money in hand instantly --anywhere in the world, without any paper trail or electronic record linking your name to the withdrawal or source.

Estate Planning?
Forget it! Billions of dollars find their way into the pockets of lawyers, state and federal tax collectors. The Invisible Investor shows you how (without any lawyer) to avoid probate escrows, eliminate family fights over your money after you've gone. You'll find out how wealthy people preserve 100% of their hard earned money for the people they want to have it -- not the State.

The INVISIBLE INVESTOR'S estate pays no taxes; the heirs pay no inheritance taxes! Capital Gains Taxes? They are completely eliminated.

Income Taxes? They too can be legally eliminated completely if you are willing to move abroad (to a tropical paradise ?) part of the year and run your existing business through an offshore corporation. Risk of Criminal Prosecution? With one in every seven Americans now destined to serve jail time for newly defined victimless crimes, you need to plan your personal escape before becoming enmeshed in the legal process. All criminal (and civil) liability is absolutely eliminated because in the case of trouble, not only your assets are out of the jurisdiction, but your personal paperwork and second passport is arranged so you can follow your assets to highly enjoyable places from where you can't be extradited or even served with legal papers. You can be safe and your money can be safe.

Read this Special Report!
If you earn over $25,000 per year, or if you have assets over $100,000, we guaranty you will make back the cost of this amazing special report a hundred times over within sixty days of reading it. There is nothing technical or difficult to understand. Like the Boy Scout Manual it gives you simple, fast reading instructions on how to move your assets to a place of privacy and safety; how to move yourself to the same place if it ever becomes necessary. We are so sure that you will find this book the most helpful, honest and instructive literature you've ever read that we offer a 100% iron clad, full money back guaranty of satisfaction. You can read, understand and apply it in an hour if you are fast. Three hours for the slower readers.

Like all of Trevellian's books, the Invisible Investor explains simple concepts that lawyers, government agents and accountants hide from you. We promise you'll get dozens of ideas and immediately useful secret tax saving and asset preservation practices (long known to the superrich).
The price of this 245 page Special Report ($29.95+ postage or courier) is less than the cost of a 15 minute meeting with your lawyer, but you will learn a thousand times more.

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This book is for entertainment purposes only!

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