How to Legally Move Large Amounts of Assets Abroad

Secret Revealed - How to Legally Move Large Amounts of Assets Abroad
[Without any filing requirements]

By Nimrod Wildfire

"I can make a firm pledge; under my plan no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes."
- Barack Obama

Let's face it we live in volatile times where there is economic uncertainty and financial instability. Millions of people are unemployed whilst many others don't know if they'll have a job next week and many more are lucky to hold minimum wage jobs at fast food outlets.

In spite of US President Obama's 'pledge' above, the middle class, families earning much less than $250,000 and especially the wealthy are being taxed beyond affordability and fairness not only in the US, but around the world as governments try to stem the flood of debt by sticking fingers into a gigantic financial dam.

Unfortunately most American's sit by passively and are oblivious to what's happening to them intentionally by their government. They worry about their future, but are unable, unwilling or simply don't know how to take action to protect themselves and their loved ones from predatory government and their out-of-control economic policies.

One of the primary reasons one accumulates or should accumulate assets is for retirement and for a rainy day. Your assets and especially your retirement funds be it a 401K, social security cheque or privately managed funds, should remain safe at all times.

If and when it becomes necessary they should be used via a vehicle to mitigate sovereign risk, i.e. the risk that predaceous governments, central banks and the banksters who continually confiscate wealth by devaluing your currency and running unsustainable deficits that they continue to reap upon us. Even our children's unborn children will be unable to repay those crushing debts thrust unwilling upon us.

Please ask yourself this question; what good is it trying to protect your savings, retirement funds and assets against sovereign risk if you are going to keep your assets in that same risky country?

Yes you can stash your cash in a tin can buried in the backyard... but is that really a good idea? That could work until you need to get out of dodge and exchange controls have been implemented or someone else finds and takes your loot.

Internationalizing your assets is a much better and safer solution. In other words moving your assets overseas in a currency or two or three other than your home currency, might just be the answer and you're crowning insurance policy against US (and other) governmental wealth tampering and confiscation.

That makes it crucial for you to take action now to protect yourself, your family, your hard earned assets and your freedom before it's too late.

Yet it's imperative that if you and your family are to survive and prosper as the economy is hammered by pending hyperinflation, soaring unemployment, the declining dollar, a stock market crash or another collapse in real estate prices, that you formulate a easy to start, step by step plan and take immediate action to get your money out of the country before your government gets your money out of you.

This 10,000 word, 25 page page PDF report will reveal a secret to help you to legally move your hard earned assets abroad without any filing requirements, in a very low profile manner and where no one can track you moving them.

You won't hear about this strategy in the mainstream media, on the financial TV channels or in the pages of your favorite main street investment publications.

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