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Getting Your Gold Out of Dodge!

"Sir, we're going to have to ask you to come with us…"
…exclaims the lead custom agent to you… as the other customs agents gather around…

You're startled, for you've done nothing wrong, but try to keep your composure…

Your heart begins to race. You feel the sweat starting to drip down your brow…

As you reach up to wipe it away, your hands begin to shake a bit …

You try not to choke on the huge lump that has taken residence in your throat…

The customs agents take you back to a screening room for questioning…

You're understandably nervous, but also quite confused, as you're not an armed "terrorist", as you've been warned about by your government…

You're not acting irrationally…

You are now locked in a screening room with a half dozen customs agents glaring down on you…

You are trapped..

They're onto you.

But you know you've done nothing wrong.
…or have you?

You were just trying to protect yourself… and your hard-earned money… from the predatory hands of the people behind customs…

…And the IRS…

…And the Federal Reserve…

"Sir, were you aware that carrying undeclared gold bullion across the border is a felony offense?"

You say nothing.

"Were you aware that what you are doing is punishable by fine and imprisonment?"

You say nothing.

"Were you aware that all of your gold is subject to confiscation?"

So there it all goes…

Your freedom…
Your gold…
Your financial future…

The good news about your little encounter with the customs agents is that they don't generally have the right to do this…

At least not yet…

One day soon…and we think quite possibly, very soon…

…as the governmental destruction of our currencies accelerates…

…as your desperately indebted government imposes currency controls onto you, your family and your friends…

…which may include making it a crime to transport your gold or silver from the beloved Homeland…

…leaving you perilously at the mercy of a completely failed banking and fiat currency system that is doomed to collapse…

The above scenario will happen. It's not a question of 'if'…it's a question of 'when.' It has happened in countless countries throughout history and it will happen in the western countries soon.

…and yes, this includes the good ole US of A.

But for now, even though it's not yet totally illegal, trying to get even modest amounts of precious metals in bullion out of your country… and into another… on your own person could be asking for trouble.

In these increasingly Orwellian times, all you have to do is make an agent of the state suspicious…and what's more suspicious than one of the state's cows…excuse me…citizens…trying to hop the fence with inflation-proof real money in their luggage?

As Bryan D., whose tribulations are discussed in the GYGOOD report, puts it:

"Anything in your possession is at the mercy of government thugs, regardless of what the law says…"

What would make Bryan make such a comment? Well, he tried to cross from the U.S. into Canada with receipts for silver… not actual silver…you know, the shiny metallic stuff…but, merely his receipts for silver! Yet, even though this was not a crime in any way, shape or form, he was interrogated for countless hours by government agents…excuse me Bryan…thugs… over what was a seemingly innocent event.

Or, ask Tom M., who spent a week in a Mexican prison and then another week in an immigration detention center. No…he didn't steal a car…or rob a bank…or even get a speeding ticket. He was detained for weeks for carrying around his own gold coins!

Although, there is a chance that you may not experience any problems at all…

"I declared about $200,000 in gold," says Casey L., "and had NO problem from Canada to U.S."

"I had $10,000 in gold," says Casey's friend Vera D, "and brought it from Ecuador to U.S. without even having to declare."

"So, what gives?"

In these turbulent times, you just never know when you could have a problem.

The border agents can make your life as easy… or as difficult as they want to.

You may have no problem at all getting out of the U.S.… only to find yourself tossed in a jail in your destination country that you thought would be your safe haven.

Nowadays, you just can never be sure…

And things could easily get worse…

Laws could become much more restrictive… and probably have, since you woke up this morning…

Governments could get more desperate….and punitive… which we see signs of on an almost daily basis.

In fact, I'm about to show you how things are almost absolutely guaranteed to get worse.

But first, who am I, how do I know all this and why should you trust what I am telling you?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Berwick. I'm the editor-in-chief of The Dollar Vigilante, President/CEO of TDV Media & Services and Founder of, Canada's largest online trading company.

If anyone knows about the precious metals market, as well as getting in trouble at borders, with customs and the police, it's me.

I have been to over 100 countries… and I've run into trouble getting into and getting out of quite a few of them!

Like the time I was trying to leave Tel Aviv, Israel on my way to Zurich, Switzerland. I had booked a one way flight…and I'm a single male traveling alone…so, yeah, I may have been red flagged before I even got out of my cab at the airport…or I guess airport security couldn't find any elderly women or small children to harass.

Anyhow, I was pulled out of the security line and taken to a back room immediately, where they ordered me to strip down to my underwear as they combed through my carry-on bag.

"What's this?" they'd ask as though they had just found the murder weapon in a game of clue. "It's a computer mouse," I'd respond. At this point, they didn't care for me much, but had nothing to hold me on…

That all came to an abrupt end, when they put my bag through the bomb detecting machine, alarms began to sound and everyone ran for their lives from the room. A large man in a track suit came out from a door, grabbed me by the throat and then dragged me out of the room. Several minutes later, the agents realized the machine had given a false negative, so thankfully I was spared my beating from the unknown man who had been cracking his knuckles and staring me down like I just kicked his dog and robbed his Grandmother.

I've had numerous experiences like this around the world… and not once, was I carrying large amounts of gold or silver. Now… imagine what might have happened to me if I had been.

And the government doesn't even need to outright confiscate precious metals… they could just tax them at a ridiculous rate… of maybe 90% of its value.

Something will soon be thrust upon us by our governments while traveling with valuables of any kind. There is almost no doubt about that. The entire western financial system is built on debt… it's an anti-capitalist system set-up to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. It started in 1913, when Woodrow Wilson was bribed by the same ultra-wealthy banking families who have raped and pillaged innocent citizens for years. The bribe was to allow these families…the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Morgans, etc… to enslave the people of the U.S. with The Federal Reserve Bank and the Internal Revenue Service. Oh, what a great year in history. With the founding of The Fed and the IRS, things were now on a very slippery slope for the U.S., leading to periods of rampant inflation and unemployment, the U.S. government's confiscation of citizen's gold occurring in 1933 and one of the final nails in the financial coffin of the U.S. in 1971, when Nixon took the U.S. dollar (aka The Federal Reserve Note) off of the gold standard… turning it into a completely fiat currency…or as many people now know it…fake currency.

With all of these disastrous events on the books, government debt rising to stratospheric and unpayable levels…and the government once again looking to seize the assets of their citizens in order to pay for the outrageously ridiculous governmental debts and obligations.

The entire monetary & financial system is headed for its final destination…a complete and utter collapse…and the financial debacle of 2008 was just the beginning. If you hold your precious metals solely in the country in which you are a citizen, it is the metaphorical equivalent of putting all your eggs in one very fragile basket.

It just makes sense…
Even if you don't believe gold confiscation or heavy taxation is in the works, it still makes sense to get a sizable percentage of your precious metals outside of, and sheltered from, the control of your own government. Anything can and will happen in the coming years, as the fiat monetary system collapses and you definitely do not want to get caught without options.

The people of Argentina are finding this out the hard way. The Argentine Government, deep into another currency collapse, has restricted Argentines from using their debit cards outside of the country… plus they just recently limited citizens to a maximum withdrawal inside the country of $200 per day. Venezuela has done similar things. In fact, capital controls are just par for the course during a currency collapse. During such a catastrophic event, if you have all your assets in one country you could end up stranded and financially frozen without being able to get access to the majority of your capital… when you most need it.
To make matters even worse, your government registered financial advisor will not only avoid telling you anything about investing in gold and geopolitically diversifying the gold that you buy… but many times, will go out of their way to even prevent you from doing so…

The Government Controlled Financial System is Collapsing… to Listen to Government Registered Financial Advisors Is Pure Insanity…and Assisted Financial Suicide!
Right now, it is more important than ever before, to do your own research and take immediate control of your financial situation…

Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge took over nine months to research and is comprised of nearly 100 pages packed full of up-to-date insider information on the most intelligent, economic, safe and secure ways of buying, selling, storing and transporting gold (and other precious metals) throughout the world.

We believe that those who are able to survive the coming collapse of the US dollar and fiat currencies all over the world will be in an unbelievable position of opportunity…a true once-in-a-millennium position of opportunity. BUT, if all your assets are in one country and they get confiscated or restricted, then you will be in the same disastrously dire straits as those who didn't prepare at all. Is that what you want for yourself and loved ones?

If you are able to preserve and accumulate wealth during the pending financial collapse, you will be offered the greatest buying opportunity of our generation. Don't be surprised to see blue-chip companies purchased for pennies on the dollar! Hotels during the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic were bought for only one or two gold coins! The insider strategies to create being in a position to take advantage of such opportunities include safely protecting your assets NOW…and following as much as our advice in the Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge report as you possibly can…

No-Risk 30-Day Guarantee!

Here's Just a Few Things Included In
"Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge"…

* The basics of buying and selling gold and silver in every form
* A complete review of all the best companies worldwide for precious metals purchase on every continent except Antarctica.
* Storage options worldwide to best secure your gold… and in many cases, in a very private manner to insure your financial privacy.
* Information and dozens of real world examples from GYGOOD readers on the good, and the bad, that happened when they tried to transport gold to and from locations around the world. Learn about the critical things that you must do, as well as the things to avoid, when you transport your own precious metals. The info in this report can be the difference between a comfortable journey and uncomfortable jail time.
* A full list of resources to help you get started with diversifying your precious metals internationally

Plus, GYGOOD is updated on a regular basis as we uncover new international opportunities, vendors, companies and the like, some of which come from our in depth relationships in the industry and some from our loyal customer base looking to help out fellow citizens of the world in protecting their wealth. When you purchase GYGOOD, you will NEVER be out of touch with what is going on in the world of protecting your precious metals internationally.

Commonly Asked Questions:
Q. Do I have to have millions of dollars worth of money or gold for this report to have value to me?
A: Absolutely not. Anyone with more than a few gold coins, a few hundred silver coins or even just a few thousand dollars, will find the GYGOOD report to be invaluable to them in learning how to internationally diversify their precious metals or use currencies to buy precious metals easily overseas.

Q: Can I learn about all of this information on my own without purchasing the report?
A: You are free to spend many months…or years…researching the industry and finding out all that you can…so, the answer to this question is a simple yes…have at it…but, we feel that we must remind you that the staff at TDV, spent countless hours over many months collecting, organizing, and sorting through all the accurate and worthwhile information, companies and opportunities available in the worldwide market today, while eliminating the less-than-ethical and risky elements of the industry. The extraordinarily low one-time price of $44.95 is truly a must have for your financial wellbeing and survival. In fact, it is so critical to your financial survival in the coming financial collapse, that it is virtually impossible to place a dollar figure on it or to determine how much one values their freedom and financial survival.

By purchasing "Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge" right now, you get complete and immediate access to a full compendium of the most up-to-date insider information that is available today on how to buy, sell, store and transport your precious metals in all corners of the globe. Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge is real world information that you can trust and act upon to protect yourself and your family in the coming months and years.

Your government registered financial advisor more than likely doesn't know about any of the information contained in GYGOOD, and even if he or she did, it is a safe assumption that they would never share the limited information that they do know willingly with you. That's why it is up to you to figure it out NOW…with your own copy of Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge!


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While we consider "Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge" to be highly detailed, yet simple to read, there may be future questions and developments in the market, which YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW ABOUT …so, when you have a question that may not be covered in your Getting Your Gold Out Of Dodge report, just email us and we'll do our best to help you out with it and possibly post it in our future report updates…just as we do for all of our subscribers!

So, what are you waiting for…your wonderful government to officially announce capital controls and seize all of your gold and silver for their own? The time is NOW to protect yourself!

When a robber breaks into your home to steal all of your belongings and bring harm to your family, he won't politely leave while you run to the gun store to buy the gun that you thought about purchasing the week before…now, will he?

Well, your government won't politely leave either when they come to rob you blind as well. This is a very scary and very real scenario in our troubled times. You MUST protect your gold and precious metal assets NOW…not when the government robbers break into your home to claim your gold as their own!

Here's how to get started…
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Don't count on the central banking and governmental robbers to allow you a "do over", when you're caught with your pants down with all of your gold and precious metals in one unsecure location in your trusted homeland!



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