"Mehr sein, als schein."
Be more, seem less!


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PT Shamrock

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Driver's Permits & ID's
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Degree's and more
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Offshore Bank Accounts
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Corporations & Trusts
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Bearer Corp. & Cash Management Account
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Mail Drops
Mail Drops, internet services
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Credit/ATM Cards
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Legal Residency Programs
From Australia to Zimbabwe
Legal Tax Avoidance
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Diplomatic Passport
Become a Genuine Diplomatic from a Respected Country!
After Sales Product Support!
The best of the best!
Agent Program
Become an Independent Registered Agent for our company!
Offshore Trust at Swedish Internet Sparkassa!
Easy To Open - Easy To Use!

{short description of image}Registered IATAN Travel Agent
Become a registered IATAN Travel Agent -save on travel and make money too!

{short description of image}Company VISA card!
A visa card in your companys name only!
PT's Offshore Center
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Free Newsletter!
Best Privacy and tax exile newsletter, bar none!
PT Shamrock's Book Store
A large collection of interesting and informative Privacy related publications you can purchase now!
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Special Offers
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