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The Swiss Bankers Traveller Cash Card

Your anonymous tools to Freedom, Wealth & Privacy!

Totally Anonymous with NO Name and NO ID required!

"Big Brother is always on the look out to tighten up loop-holes, but with this card you can keep another precious step ahead of him! This Swiss Bankers Traveller Cash Card is probably the best banking product in the world today!”
- Dr. Seymour Samson, offshore financial guru

Want Wealth? Want Freedom? Want Privacy? Then look no further as PT Shamrock's leprechaun has the answer for you.

The Swiss Bankers (SBT) Traveller Cash Card

PT Shamrock has secured a limited number of "The Swiss Bankers Traveller Cash Card" from our long time trusted Swiss source at a fair price.

The Swiss Bankers Traveller Cash Card is a brand new, highly anonymous banking product. This card is valid for "Life" as it has no expiry date. It operates on the Cirrus ATM network with more than 900,000 ATM machines available worldwide. No name appears on the card, nor is any ID required to purchase it … from us.

This highly anonymous cash ATM Card is issued from a bank within the Swiss Bankers Association. The highly prestigious Swiss Bankers Association is a 100% serious organization. The SBA was founded in Basel in 1912 and today has a membership of some 370 banks and approximately 9,200 individual members. So this card is not issued by any Caribbean or Eastern European offshore bank. It’s issued from a prestigious and safe Swiss Bank. These hard to obtain cards are available in USD or EUR.

How much does it cost?

For about 12 cents per day over the life of this card [EUR 895 or USD 1,115,] you can now be the owner of the world's newest entirely multi-functional anonymous banking product from the TOP banking country in the world. Big Brother is always on the look out to tighten up loop-holes, but with this card you can keep another precious step ahead of him!

How to use your Swiss Bankers Traveller Cash

This new Swiss Bankers Traveller Cash Card is a powerful tool for the protection of your assets in the on-going war against Big Brother. If used correctly, you can enjoy the pleasure of completely anonymous banking in the world’s top offshore haven for the rest of your life in total anonymity. All the cards are operated through a major bank in Switzerland in USD or EUR, two of the world's major currencies. The Swiss Bankers Traveller Cash Card is actually very simple to use, but to make matters easier, we have set out the few rules that will ensure your anonymity.

The Basics

Money kept in your Swiss Bankers Traveller Cash account is untraceable and untouchable to all but the bearer of the card and its secret pin code. All accounts are secured by the Swiss Bankers Traveller Cash Banking agreement, which is good to know.

It does not earn interest, but we assume that your reason for owning a Swiss Bankers Traveller Cash Card is because of safety and anonymity rather than it’s earning potential. No identification is required to purchase or operate one of these cards.

No paper trail need be created. You will receive no statements and no mail related to your transactions. In a world of increasing intervention, it is good to know that there are still places where you can hide a nest-egg far from prying eyes.

Your PIN number comes sealed and is delivered along with your card and full loading instructions upon receipt of a fully paid order.

The card account is valid for life. Yes you read that correct, it never expires. However we suggest that you deposit and withdraw funds periodically to keep the card activate. Banks like to make money and they make their money only if and when you place funds onto your card account and withdraw funds.

You can check and verify your funds on-line. A special Internet access number is included with your order.

If you are worried about the security of your bearer card pin, then you can you can change the PIN, ask for the stored amount still available on your card, etc. by calling the computerized service phone number in Switzerland that is provided and sent to you with your card and sealed pin number. Everything is done anonymous and no ID is ever asked!

How to make a Deposit

Money can be paid in by PayPal, cheque's, bankers draft, money orders or via a Swift or IBan wire transfer.

There is a Euro 10,000 or US$10,000 limit concerning depositing and withdrawing funds. Max. Load: US$10'000.00 or EUR 10'000.00. As previously stated, your card can be reloaded by wire, bankers check and money order. The reload fee is 4%, with a minimum US$ 20.00. Cards are available in USD or EUR.

The bank and source never knows your ordering or shipping details. Only we will and we promise that all ordering and shipping details held by us will be shredded and destroyed after our money back guarantee period expires, i.e. 30 days. [Credit Card information is held longer in the event of disputes.]

Deposits and correspondence should be sent to the bank at the address given when you receive your card. Loading by e-currency may be possible, but there would be a substantial surcharge as the bank alone charges 4% to reload. Contact us AFTER you have the card in hand for the modalities.

The Swiss, unlike the Austrians and others, realize that more people communicate in English than in any other language and they do make the effort. English is well understood and they will quite happily write to you in English if necessary. Do not forget that the Swiss have been dealing with foreigners for hundreds of years within their banking industry, which is the pillar of the country's economy and no doubt will remain so for a very long time indeed.

The Swiss Banks are authorized to trade with foreign customers by the Central Bank and all are SWIFT and IBan members. We advise that you use caution when making swift or IBan transfers as some countries ask for some form of ID before sending. But other than that, a wire transfer is the safest form of deposit.

If you treat the card well and do not abuse it you will be able to develop a rapport with your banker. If they find the facility they offer is treated reasonably then they will be fair with you and future customers and can become very flexible with these matters. You must remember that this is an ATM facility, so be seen to be using it for such.

If you deposit $10,000 then only withdraw $9,000, you can build up a balance. You can always withdraw it out of the account in a day or so.

An added advantage with these cards is that you can use correspondent banks near you to wire funds onto your card. If you do not have a convenient correspondent bank then you can go to any AMERICAN EXPRESS or Swiss Bank office and ask them to SWIFT/DRAFT inwards onto your card. However they will most likely require positive ID to do so. Therefore if you courier money orders direct to the bank that might be your best and more anonymous method of loading funds onto your card.


Withdrawals can be made at any ATM machine worldwide that carries the Cirrus System sign. That’s more than 900,000 machines available to pull cash from the wall 24/7 anywhere!


1) It is better to deposit money in the currencies of USD and or EUR. This makes it easier for the bank and thus a quicker service for you. That means even if you own a EUR card, you can deposit USD money orders, etc.

2) Money can be drawn in any currency. That means wherever you withdraw cash from any ATM machine, the cash comes in that countries local currency.

For example: You withdraw cash from a hole in the wall in New York City, out spews USD. In Paris, out spews Euros; In Japan out spews Yen; In the UK out spews pound sterling, etc.

A couple of important facts:

You can not fly into Switzerland and obtain this card. One you’d have to know where to go, whom to speak to and worse, you would have to produce a valid passport for ID purposes and have a Swiss identifiable address.

To the best of our knowledge we are the first and only company to offer this brand new highly anonymous banking product on the Internet!

We have acquired a decent allotment of these highly valuable cards. However if they sell half as fast as our previous no name no ID ATM cards, we will run out in no time.

Final comments: Our previous no name no ID ATM card sold very well indeed. However the bank that issued those cards, unfortunately, stopped issuing any new cards and that window of opportunity closed forever. Our long time customers and subscribers know very well that highly valuable and anonymous banking products like this don’t last long. Big Brother soon finds out about them and closes the window of opportunity forever. Don’t be left out. Take action and order yours now. It’s good for life.

Nothing last forever. This Swiss Bankers Traveller Cash Card opportunity certainly won't either.

The cost? Just Euro 895 for the Euro card or USD1,115 for the USD card. That's about 12 cents a day over the lifetime of this card, and you can now be the owner of the world's newest entirely multi-functional anonymous bank products from the TOP banking country in the world. Big Brother is always on the look out to tighten up loop-holes, but with this card you can keep another precious step ahead of him.

If you have any further questions we are always available to assist you. We trust you will be more than satisfied with your Swiss Bankers Traveller Cash Card.

To reiterate:

  • No name appears on card
  • No ID required to purchase it from us
  • Bank never knows your details
  • Verify funds on-line
  • Change pin and verify funds available via secure computerized telephone call
  • All ordering and shipping information shredded and destroyed by PT Shamrock after our money back guarantee expires. [Credit Card order details held longer in case of any disputes.]
  • Available in USD or EUR card
  • Load card by PayPal, wire, money order, cheque's or bank draft
  • Valid for life ... never expires
  • Limited number of cards available in order to prevent the unwanted attention of insecure governments
  • Order sent to you via courier to any name and address, anywhere of your choosing
  • Not offered anywhere else on the Internet

How To order:
Click on the order form link below and be sure to include the product code: SBT Card.

Cost of this highly anonymous and prestigious product is: EUR 895 for the Euro card or USD 1,115 for the USD card, including courier delivery to a name and address of your choice.

Please note: Due to the highly anonymous and sensitive nature of this product, and due to limited availability, we must insist all ordering customers comply with the following:

Please remit funds or proof of sending funds for your order within 3 working days from the time of your initial order in order for us to continue to hold your card for payment.

For example; if you send payment by a money order or cash, you must e-mail us a copy of your money order and or registered mail receipt. Alternatively send us a copy of your bank wire details or Western Union remittance receipt within three working days from the time you order. By doing so we will continue to hold in reserve this highly valuable card for you until we receive payment. However in the event you fail to comply with our request, we regret that we will be forced to cancel your order.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

Cards are shipped via courier within 28 "working" days from the time we receive cleared funds, but in most cases in less time.

Payment by E-gold and Evocash are instantaneous and always guarantees the fastest delivery of your card.

To order and pay now by E-gold click here: Pay Now with e-gold... Be sure to email us your batch number and ordering details when you have made the remittance.

Yes I want my anonymous "Swiss Bankers Traveller Cash Card". I understand you will ship my order within 28 workings days maximum, but in most cases much less time. I also understand you will send me the courier tracking details once my card has been sent.

Please click here to order from our secure on-line order form with our various payment options.

Remember your ordering code for this product is: "SBT Euro Card or SBT USD Card."

We accept payment by Western Union, E-gold and Evocash, cash, bank drafts, cashiers cheques and money orders. However please email us for pay-in particulars once you've completed your order form.

We also accept US Postal money orders. However please email us for pay in particulars.

Credit Cards: We regret to inform you, but due to dishonest customers who charged backed credit card orders and kept their ATM cards, we no longer accept credit cards for this product. As usual the few ruin it for the many. We apologize for this but there are numerous alternative methods of payment available.

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form for payment options!

PT Shamrock Limited
Suite # 79184
Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines
Dublin D6, Ireland

Facsimile: + 353 1 633 5083

Or order immediately using our on-line Order Form.


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