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The €395 No Name ATM Card

"The Essential Privacy Tool for Discerning Individuals"
- Dr. Walter Belford - Offshore Financial Expert

This is a RED hot offer you can't refuse!

Want Wealth? Want Freedom? Want Privacy? Then look no further as PT Shamrock's leprechaun has the answer for you.

The No Name No ID ATM Card

PT Shamrock has secured a limited number of "No Name" "No ID" required ATM cards from a reliable privacy minded source at knock down prices!

As you may realize these types of anonymous financial products normally sell for €550 and UP. However due to our long time relationship with source, we were able to negotiate a huge discount for our customers. For just €395 or US$395 (plus courier cost,) you can have either a Euro or USD denominated no name, no ID ATM card. This highly valuable product is sent direct to you anywhere in the world within days of receipt of your order and payment.

The card operates on the Cirrus system which has hundreds of thousands of ATM machines available for you worldwide to pull cash from the wall in total anonymity. There is a flat €5 per transaction charge and the cards are valid for two years. Each card comes with a unique pin number that is sent to you by e-mail once you confirm receipt of your card for maximum security. In the event the card is lost or stolen, there is a €50 charge, plus shipping, to replace it.

You can load funds onto your card by:

Cashiers Cheque's

International Money Orders

Bank Wire

Western Union

There is a €10,000-US$10,000 per month, €1,000-US$1,000 per day withdrawal limit. PT Shamrock has purposely limited the number of these cards in order that they maintain a low profile and not attract the unwanted attention of insecure governments. Once this supply runs out, the price will increase dramatically so its strictly first come, first served.

Each card comes already loaded with Euro 1,000 or US$1,000 depending on whether you'd like a Euro or USD denominated card.

Absolutely no ID is required for this product. All we require is a name and address for delivery and your payment. One we receive them, you're card with full particulars will be shipped immediately.

In the event you require a higher daily and/or monthly withdrawal limit you may wish to obtain the No Name & NO ID ATM card offering €60,000 monthly and no daily withdrawal limits. Click here for that option.

How To order:
Fill out the order form below and indicate your requirements.

Payment can be made to us by international money order, (Sorry NO US POSTAL ORDERS), bankers draft, bank-to-bank wire or payment via WESTERN UNION or Money Gram program. Please allow up to 2 to 3 extra weeks for orders by mail or courier. For fastest service payment by bank-to-bank wire, e-gold, Money Gram or Western Union is advised.

----------- cut and paste -----------

Yes I want my anonymous "NO Name NO ID ATM card". I understand you will ship my order within 72 hours from the time payment is received.

Please tick which option you require:

[ ] FREE - for airmail shipping & handling.

[ ] Just €65 for courier delivery. [Fastest service.]

Name of item/s ordered:

1. ________________________________ Price €_ _ _ _ _

2. ________________________________ Price €_ _ _ _ _

3. ________________________________ Price €_ _ _ _ _

4. ________________________________ Price €_ _ _ _ _
(use another sheet of paper for more items.)

5. Shipping and handling (if any,) plus €_ _ _ _ _

6. Total order-------------------------- €_ _ _ _ _

7. Your Name: ____________________________________________

8. Address to ship to: ___________________________________

9. City __________________________

10. Postal Code ____________

11. State/country ________________

12. Country _________________

13. Tel. (only in reference to order,) area code _______________
Number _____________________________

14. Fax number: ____________________

15. E-mail address: _______________________________

16. Check one: Payment by [ ] Check [ ] Money order/Bankers Draft

[ ] Cash (send by registered mail only.)
[ ] Credit Card - Sorry, no credit card orders for this product!

Type [ ] Visa [ ] MasterCard [ ] American Express [ ] Diners Club

17. Credit Card Number _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

17a. Card ID Number (4 Digits of upper on front of card for AMEX, 3 digits on upper right in back for VISA/MC _ _ _ _)

This is required to authenticate your charge authorization. Thank you.

18. Expiration Date _ _ / _ _

19. Name on Credit Card ___________________________________________

20. Billing address on Credit Card (if different from above.)

21. Any Special Instructions/requests _____________________________
22. Please sign this order form below if you are sending this order form by facsimile and paying by credit card.


We gladly accept Western Union, Money Gram & E-gold.

All major credit cards accepted! For credit card orders, please add 5%.

Sorry, "no" US Postal money orders accepted!

All orders treated strictly personal & highly confidential! See order form enclosed!

PT Shamrock Limited
Suite # 79
184 Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines
Dublin D6, Ireland

Facsimile: + 353 1 633 5083

Or order immediately using our SSL Secure on-line Order Form.


Copyright 1997 - 2004, PT Shamrock. All Rights Reserved


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