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The $30,000 Limit Cash ATM Card

"Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. Anonymity is not a pernicious, fraudulent practice, but an honorable tradition of advocacy and of dissent."
- The U.S. Supreme Court upholding Americans' right to be anonymous in the landmark 1995 decision, McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission.


Q: What is a Cash CARD?

A. A Cash ATM card is what is known as a "stored value" card. Quite simply, that means that you store money in an account and access it by using your card at any ATM machine, at most banks worldwide.

Q. What name will be printed on the card?

A. There is no individual name printed on it.

Q. Does your 30k limit card expire?

A. There is no expiration date of this card.

Q. Are there daily/ monthly limits on your card at this time?

A. No maximum limit so far, but common sense should prevail at all times, i.e. not suspecting people of dirty laundry. There is a US$30,000 (Thirty Thousand USD) monthly withdrawal limit with a maximum US$2,500 per day withdrawal limit per card. This is done to prevent fraud and in the event your card and pin are stolen, your load couldn't be cleaned out in one day.

Q. Are there different types of cards?

A. Yes and no. All cards function in basically the same way, but they can be put to a number of different uses. Your employer can use a NNC as a more convenient and less costly way to pay you. You can send a card to someone as a gift. You can use a card to transfer money to relatives overseas. Insurance company can use cards to pay claims. In short, the possible uses are virtually endless.

Q. Where is the jurisdiction for the card?

A. Due to contractual agreement we are unable to disclose the bank or country until we receive a fully paid order. Suffice that said, it is *NOT* the USA, thank goodness.

Q. How secure is my money?

A. A NNC is more secure than a bank card. Like a bank card, nobody can get at your cash without your Personal Identification Number (PIN). What's more, unlike a bank card, the maximum risk that you face is the amount of money stored on the card. With a normal bank card, someone who steals both your card and PIN may be able to clean out your entire bank account. When it comes to the question of security, the term "stored value" may be a little misleading. The money is not actually stored on the card. It is stored on sources secure computers and can only be accessed if you provide your PIN when you use your card at an ATM, at a store or on sources Web site. Your PIN is not stored anywhere on your card!

Q. Where can I get a card?

A. Just proceed to the How To Order section below and order from there.

Q. Where can I use my card?

A. You can use your card anywhere that you see the Interac and ATM logos, which includes most ATM's and merchant debit terminals worldwide.

Q. Can I use my card to pay bills?

A. Usually, but it depends on the issuer of the bill. If you can pay your bill electronically from a bank account or pay it with a debit or credit card then Usually, but it depends on the issuer of the bill. If you can pay your bill electronically from a bank account or pay it with a debit or credit card then you can usually use your NNC to pay the bill, as long as there is enough money stored on the card.

Q. Can I use my NNC like a credit card to buy things before I add money to the card?

A. No. It is simply a handy, dandy ATM card to hide a little stash away for a rainy day; a vehicle to pull cash from any hole in the world worldwide.

Q. How do I add money to my card?

A. You can load money to your card over the Internet or at your bank: Credit Card, Western Union, NNC to NNC (card-to-card,)Wire Swift Transfer To NNC, ACH (Automatic Clearing House, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer.)

Q. Can I transfer money from my card to my bank account?

A. Yes.

Q. Is my money protected if my NNC is lost or stolen?

A. Yes. Nobody can get at your money without your PIN. If your card is lost or stolen, it can be replaced once we verify that you are the authorized cardholder.

Q. I want to use a NNC to transfer money to relatives in another Country. Can I have a 2nd account, send the card to my relatives and simply transfer from card to card?

A. Yes. Simply order two individual cards. One card for each person. Then simply execute card-to-card transfers.

Q. Is it less expensive to transfer money from card to card than using a traditional wire transfer service?

A. Yes, NNC to NNC Transfer (card-to-card) 3.00 USD per transfer.

Q. What are the transaction fees?

A. See the following for our list of transaction fees - TRANSACTION FEE COST in USD:

  • NNC Load (to load the card): 3.00
  • ACH or EFT Load (Bank to NNC, NNC to Bank): 3.00
  • Western Union Load (Western Union to NNC): 5% + 5.00
  • ATM Withdrawal(Worldwide): 3.00
  • POS (Point Of Sale): 2.75
  • Monthly Maintenance & Internet Access: 3.00
  • NNC to NNC Transfer (card-to-card): 3.00
  • ATM/POS Decline: 1.00
  • Activate/Deactivate: 5.00
  • Credit Card to NNC: available soon
  • Online Bill Payment: Coming Soon

Q. Can I get foreign currency cards or put multiple currencies on one card?

A. Yes. Your NNC account can hold funds in any one of four currencies: Euro (EUR) in development, United States of America Dollars (USD), United Kingdom Pounds (GBP) in development, Canada Dollars (CAD) Choose the currency that best suits your needs to minimize currency exchange fees. Whichever currency you choose for your account, your card can be used anywhere in the world to buy goods and withdraw cash from ATM's in the local currency. A competitive exchange rate will be used to convert the funds to your card's currency.

Q. Can I find out how much money is in my NNC account? Or do I have to keep track of that myself?

A. You can see your card's' balance, along with any transactions applied to your card, on sources secure Web site.

Q. Are there any limits to how much money I can store on my card?

A. There are no limits to how much money you can keep in your NNC account. But you are limited to how much you can withdraw. These limits are set by each the Bank or ATM you use, not by source.

To reiterate:

  • No name appears on card
  • No ID required to purchase it (although a form is required to activate the cards.)
  • Verify funds on-line
  • Available in USD denominated cards
  • Load card by e-gold, Western Union and bank wire, plus swift pay for US customers
  • Valid forever ... it never expires!
  • Limited number of cards available
  • Order sent to you via courier

How To order:
Click on the order form link below and be sure to include the product code: 30k Card.

Cost of this highly valuable and prestigious product is: USD 645 for the USD card, including courier delivery to a name and address of your choice.

Please note: Due to the highly valuable and sensitive nature of this product, and due to extremely limited availability, we must insist all ordering customers comply with the following:

Please remit funds or proof of sending funds for your order within 3 working days from the time of your initial order in order for us to continue to hold your card for payment.

For example; if you send payment by a money order or cash, you must e-mail us a copy of your money order and or registered mail receipt. Alternatively send us a copy of your bank wire details or Western Union remittance receipt within three working days from the time you order. By doing so we will continue to hold in reserve this highly valuable card for you until we receive payment. However in the event you fail to comply with our request, we regret that we will be forced to cancel your order.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this regard.

Cards are shipped via courier within 28 "working" days from the time we receive cleared funds, but in most cases in less time.

Payment by E-gold and Western Union are instantaneous and always guarantees the fastest delivery of your card.

To order and pay now by E-gold click here: Pay Now with e-gold... Be sure to email us your batch number and ordering details when you have made the remittance.

Yes I want my "30k Cash ATM Card". I understand you will ship my order within 4-5 workings days maximum, but in most cases less time. I also understand you will send me the courier tracking details once my card has been sent.

Please click here to order from our secure on-line order form with our various payment options.

Remember your ordering code for this product is: "30k ATM Card."

We accept payment by Western Union, E-gold and bank to bank wires.

Credit Cards: We regret to inform you, but due to dishonest customers who charged backed credit card orders and kept their ATM cards, we no longer accept credit cards for this product. As usual the few ruin it for the many. We apologize for this but there are numerous alternative methods of payment available.

See order form for payment options!

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