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PT Shamrock's Re-Seller's Agent Program

- a unique re-seller opportunity to sell asset protection, offshore banking, privacy and offshore, tax haven products and services!!

We receive numerous requests and inquiries on how to become a re-seller/agent for our products and services.

We have decided to make this opportunity available to a select few qualified, serious and committed professional people to represent our offshore, privacy and anonymous products and services worldwide in your home country and in your local language, and of course across around the worldwide web.

PT Shamrock is proud to be the oldest provider and publisher of offshore, privacy and PT products and services on the net, now entering our third decade. We know the ins and outs of the expatriate and offshore world community and you'll benefit from our years of reliable contacts and sources. You're safe teaming up with us.

If you decide to move forward and sign up to become an agent, you are of course are not restricted to selling our products in your own country - though that might be a good place to start! With the exception of a few restricted countries, you can market and sell our offshore and privacy products and services anywhere in the world, down the street or around the world 24 hours a day.

You don't even have to get involved in order fulfillment, shipping and customer service issues. That's the best part of our agency program. We handle all the hassles. All you need to do is get the orders, pass them on to us for order fulfillment, and share in the profits.

We will supply you with the support - instructional and informational material for the marketing and promotion of our offshore, privacy and PT products and services. In short, you will receive 100% support from us concerning all the aspects of how to start up your own offshore PT business. Should you also wish to start your own website in connection with your new business, we can help you with that too.

As a registered agent you will receive our offshore & privacy Newsletter every month with the latest information available about new products and services regarding second citizenship's, private banking, tax free company formation, privacy and security issues as well as other valuable information. You can even build a large following on your own by having customers sign up for our newsletter and YOU reap the profits!

To start the process to become a licensed Offshore & Agent for PT Shamrocks' unique asset protection, offshore, privacy, tax avoidance, tax haven products and services and to earn BIG commissions on all your sales of (most) our products and services, you must first fill out and submit the PT Shamrock agent application form with a US$200 application fee, which will be applied towards the one-time US$999 agent fee.

Upon approval of your application, an agreement is forwarded to you to sign and return along with the balance of US$799 of the one-time agent fee. Now you will receive your startup kit with all the necessary instructions, manuals, brochure layouts - and you are ready to start your own profitable offshore and privacy business.

A mirror-site of this web site with your own secure server and auto responders starts from just Euro 100 a month to run.

Delivery Time: 24 hours.
Price: US$999.

For referral reference, or further information, please contact:

PT Shamrock Limited
Suite # 79
184 Lower Rathmines Road, Rathmines
Dublin D6

Facsimile + 353 1 633 5083

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