Arguably One of our Better Offshore Bank Accounts On-line!

This brand new I-account is an exciting new banking option.

The account is located in China and China Construction Bank is their correspondent bank. The I-account offers very good internet banking with swift wires in and out; a debit card and easy compliance c requirements.

Your choice:
* Personal Account
* Company account using your own company
* A company created by us in your chosen name for this I-account in a tax free jurisdiction with non annual filing requirements.

Internet banking and a debit card is included with this fast and easy to open I-Account!

Americans gladly accepted as clients as well as most other nationalities.

KYC requirements:

Personal Accounts

1. Valid Passport copy in color
2. Proof of address, can be a utility bill (issued within 3 months)
3. First payment made in the i-account of the personal client should be from a bank account in the customer's name

Corporate Accounts

1. Certificate of Incorporation
2. MAA
3. Register of Directors & Shareholders
4. Certificate of Incumbency (not older than 6 months)
5. Passport copies of all Directors & Shareholders
6. If company is conducting any activities that require a specific license, a copy of the license is required

The I-account setup is pretty straight forward for our offshore companies or personal account customers and anonymity is very high since the clients name does not appear on the card. This is an exclusive money platform where users can enjoy the ease of money transfers, make payments, currency diversification and many more E-Wallet functions. Access your account from any PC/tablet or right from your smart phone with no limitations in regards to time or location. 
With a Visa or MasterCard branded CARD, the i-Account allows cardholders to make purchases, or withdraw local currency from any Visa or MasterCard member store or ATM around the world.

Account and cards fees and load abilities, etc. are attached HERE and HERE.

The cost for a personal or company account (you supply the company papers) I-account is just US$1,250. Add US$999 for an Offshore Company in your chosen name. Select three names in order of preference, one of which should be available for creation bearing in mind the suffice needs to end in Ltd., Inc. or S.A. as you desire.

By the way, most all nationalities are accepted, including Americans being gladly accepted.

To ORDER and pay by Bank Wire Transfer, Skrill, MoneyGram, BitCoins or Western Union,
please proceed to our secure on-line order form at https://www.ptshamrock.com/order_bwe.html

Please indicate your preferred method of payment at the drop down menu.

Your product or ordering cost is "I-account personal or I=-account Company."

The cost is US$1,250 for a personal or company account (you supply the company papers) or US$2,249 for a tax free company in your chosen name and company account.

If you wish to remit your payment in US$, please use the XE's exchange rate at http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/
for the current US$ equivalent for Euro.

Once we receive your order, we will immediately e-mail you the pay-in particulars.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to service your privacy requirements.

American nationals are welcome as well!

Your order Code is "I-Account"

Another great product from PT Shamrock's leprechaun.


To pay by Bank Wire, Bitcoin, MoneyGram, MoneyBookers/Skrill or Western Union please proceed to and order at our secure web site order form here Your order code is

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