The Lowdown on Offshore Banking!

or How To Stop Worrying and Love A Non-Private World!

"They're trying to end offshore banking for Americans with something called 'FATCA' the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. That act puts a lot of transparency responsibilities onto any foreign financial firm with American account holders. No wonder offshore financial institutions want less than nothing to do with Americans. You can see I'm not a fan of FATCA."
- Dr. Walter Belford, offshore expatriate guru

Currently the large US Corporations can mostly avoid federal taxation on their overseas profit, as long as they don't bring the money back to the US. As a result, US companies have built up large stockpiles of cash offshore whilst legally avoiding paying tax on those vast sums of monies.

The good news is that you don't have to be an Apple, Google or General Electric with millions of dollars to avail yourself of offshore loopholes, because truly intricate albeit legal loopholes remain possible for you the reader, without vast sums of money being required.

Unfortunately most American's are obtuse just sitting passively and are oblivious to what's happening to them. They worry about their future, but are unable, unwilling or simply don't know how to take action to protect themselves and their loved ones from predatory government and their out-of-control economic policies.

One of the primary reasons one should have an offshore bank account is for safety and just in case scenarios. Your assets and especially your retirement funds be it a 401K, social security cheque or privately managed funds, should remain safe at all times.

If you trust your government and their broken promises, the never ending tax increases, then this report isn't for you. But before you click off this page, ask yourself this question; what good is it trying to protect your savings, retirement funds and assets against risk if you are going to keep your assets in that same risky country and currency?

It's imperative that if you wish to survive and prosper as the economy is hammered by pending hyperinflation, soaring unemployment, the declining dollar, a stock market crash or another collapse in real estate prices, that you have a place to put your nest egg. Offshore out of the reach of tax hungry agencies, ex-spouses and predatory lawyers and solicitors is an option that shouldn't be overlooked.

Remember it isn't against the law for Americans to have an offshore bank account, at least as of this writing. But nothing is forever and banking matters are changing rapidity.

This 8,200 word, 28 page PDF report, "The Lowdown on Offshore Banking! or How To Stop Worrying and Love A Non-Private World," is absolutely FREE and will reveal the little known and lesser used secrets to help you to legally move your assets offshore and open a n offshore bank account in a very low profile manner.

You won't hear about these banking opportunities in the mainstream media, on the financial TV channels or in the pages of your favorite main street investment publications. So download your FREE pdf report of "The Lowdown on Offshore Banking! or How To Stop Worrying and Love A Non-Private World," HERE!

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