Own Your Own Credit Union

Get Your "ready-made" (off-the-shelf) Bank like facility available for immediate delivery ...

E-mail us for details on other banking products, but be prepared to pay US$100,000 and up for a banking license and place a €ur 5,000 good faith referral fee with us. Thank you.

  • A Western European [Swedish] Sparkassa or Credit Union:
  • Incorporation March 2000? Shareholders: Bearer Shares.
  • 100% owned by a Swedish Bearer Certificate, fully transferable.
  • Cost: US$75,500.
  • Also included is a Gold Visa card with the Credit Union's name on it and and another US$1,000 the Sparkassa's bank account and your Scandinavian mail drop address (first-year) for your Sparkassa.
  • Total cost net to you: US$75,500

Please note that you don't have to remit the initial US$100,000 capital to the Central Bank in Sweden since it has been already wired by the original shareholder and subsequently withdrawn. [Name of the Credit Union and full details provided with good faith referral fee of €ur 5,000.]