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Maybe The Best Second Passport and Best Economic Citizenship Programs

Maybe the Best Second Passport and the best economic citizenship program is one that we don't openly advertise the name the country of issuance. It is a passport granted in a private transaction by one of our favorite Latin American and Caribbean nations and one that is completely off the radar. It's a country known for personal and financial privacy. It is a nation that is a stalwart of the asset protection world. The Best Second Passport is the one no one knows is available. The best economic citizenship is the one that is completed in private with no public record.

Before I continue, let me define a few terms. A second passport or an economic citizenship is obtained by paying money to the government in exchange for an officially sanctioned citizenship and passport. Such a transaction should be completed quickly and is a simple cash for citizenship deal. There should be no requirement to live in the country before citizenship is granted or any conditions placed on your passport.

Of course, there are other ways to get a second passport. For example, you can become a resident of a country like Panama for 5 to 7 years and then apply for citizenship (often a 10 year process in total). Another is to claim citizenship through ancestry in the fatherland of your parents or grandparents. These long term options are not considered here. This article is for those who want the best economic citizenship and the Best Second Passport today, not 10 years from now.

There are two second passport and economic citizenship programs that are marketed to the general public: The island of St. Kitts and The Commonwealth of Dominica. All of these transactions are public record and closely watched.

You can obtain citizenship in St. Kitts by paying $250,000 to $450,000, or by purchasing real estate of $400,000 to $800,000 (amounts vary by family size). Because real estate in St. Kitts is not all that desirable, taxes and maintenance costs are high, when you sell the property you give up your citizenship, and because the acquisition takes time, most of our clients have taken the cash for
passport option.

A second passport or economic citizenship from St. Kitts will give you visa free travel to over 100 countries, including Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and Schengen States of the European Union. For a list of these countries, click here

A passport from St. Kitts will also facilitate residency in Monaco, Switzerland, Andorra, United Kingdom, and Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Bahamas and other Caribbean countries. As such, it is the most desired second passport and economic citizenship.

You can also obtain citizenship and a passport from the Caribbean island of Dominica. A passport from Dominica will usually cost you about $200,000 to $275,000 and provides visa-free travel to 60+ countries, including the United Kingdom and CARICOM nations. Click here for list of visa free countries -

Those are the common programs. The Best Second Passport and the best economic citizenship program is the one you won't find on the internet. It is the one from the country we are not able to name or risk being banned from doing business for life in that nation. It is a second passport from a country that wants to stay out of America's cross hairs.

The country with the Best Second Passport and best economic citizenship is part of both Central America and the Caribbean, English is the official language, it is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations - and it has an excellent reputation for privacy and asset protection. This reputation goes a long way to explaining why all second passport transactions are private.

This country's passport offers Visa Free travel to about 70 nations, including Colombia, Mexico, Panama, Ireland, UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It is generally more respected than Dominica whose document may be losing some of its luster because of the number of second passports issued.

The Best Second Passport will cost you about $195,000 for a husband and wife, plus $7,000 per minor dependent child. All applicants must provide clean police records and be of good character. There is no requirement to live in this country after the passport is issued and no residency required prior to its issuance.

I will also note that full and legal citizenship is granted. While some countries limit your rights as an economic citizen, this program gives you the same rights and benefits as a native. You can vote and participate in elections, operate any business you choose, and are on equal footing with persons born there.

Finally,we would like to point out that this IS NOT some gray market second passport or back-alley deal. This is a government sanctioned program with no bribes, kickbacks, tricks, or funny business. You make a contribution to the government of this country and receive your passport just as you do with St. Kitts and Dominica clean and simple.

To start the ball rolling please submit your POF (proof of funds) via email to us. Alternatively contact us here. POF can be in the form of a recent bank statement
(less than three months old and in your name) showing an amount on deposit sustaining higher than the cost of the program. For privacy concerns, we suggest you white out your account number. However your name must be shown on the bank statement in order to satisfy the governments compliance requirements.

Important Information!

Please read the following information below slowly and CAREFULLY, including sources requirements for proof of funds and a referral fee.

For full details about ANY program, understand that the very first step is for you to remit your PROOF OF FUNDS so we can forward to source for approval. Without submitting your proof of funds and the acceptance thereof, NOTHING happens.

If and when your PROOF OF FUNDS are accepted, the next step is to pay the referral fee of Euro (€) 1,500. Then and only then will we forward your email address to source and place you in direct contact with them for full particulars on what programs are available, the costs involved as well as all relevant information, etc. These requirements are necessary in order to weed out the merely curious and to protect the integrity of the few programs still available. [Note: The €1,500 referral fee is applied towards acquisition cost should you proceed.]

Please understand that the above are sources requirements and we'd be remiss if we didn't inform you up front and before you make any queries on how the process works. If you do not agree with the above, we understand and wish you well in your endeavors. However please do not waste your time and ours asking questions about the name of the countries, etc. without complying with the above requirements, i.e. proof of funds and referral fee.

Whomever you decide to transact business with, please conduct your due diligence and check our Hall of Shame site before you pursue any offer that sounds too good to be true!

Thank you for visiting PT Shamrock.

- Special Notice -

To the best of our knowledge PT Shamrock is the oldest and longest existing privacy web site on the Internet. To verify this go to the "Way Back Machine" at and place our web address into the "Take Me Back" box and click search.

Then repeat the above steps for any other web site that makes claims as to how long they've been on the Internet!

Do not be fooled or tricked by so-called OFFSHORE experts and or web sites who have plagiarized PT Shamrock's web site and written material. PT Shamrock has a select few authorized re-sellers and expert offshore consultants who are long known, trusted and reliable whom we've used for many years to the full satisfaction of our customers. If in doubt about any provider or so-called 'expert' just e-mail us and we'll let you know whether or not any particular site has stolen or used our material without our permission and if the 'expert' is what they claim to be.

This came to light when one particular so-called offshore 'expert' web site, communicated with us saying that he had taken full payment for a diplomatic passport (US$50,000) from their customer and asked us if WE COULD HELP HIM obtain the diplomatic appointment! Talk about nerve! They steal our material then ask us to supply them with the appointment. They're nothing but a bunch of amateurs and you are likely to lose your money dealing with such persons.

Any person or business that accepts money for a product without having a source for that product is unethical at best and probably crooked to boot! BE WARNED and do govern yourself accordingly. Caveat Emptor! Further anyone who plagiarizes and steals another's material WITHOUT permission, is liable to steal YOUR MONEY!!!

PT Shamrock would be remiss if we didn't warn our viewers about this. Unlike unscrupulous providers who take your money and run, PT Shamrock would prefer to lose your business rather than lie or mislead you about our products and services!

Following you will find "examples" of what locales may or may not be available and is for information purposes only. The locales, prices, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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Click here for our EU residency to citizenship by investment program.

Maybe The Second Best Passport Program! Click here for details.

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Click here for our Brazilian Citizenship by investment program

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Country by Country Comparison Chart

Country Program Fee Delivery Time Family Plan Military Duty? Points of Interest
€15,000 to €20,000 4-12 weeks None No New Biometric passports. Visa free travel up to 93 countries including Canada, Ireland and New Zealand.
ASIA €6,500 2 weeks None No Perfect for banking but absolutely not for traveling. Name change possible.
Central America €45,000 12 -16 weeks Yes No Offers excellent visa free entry to most of the world's countries - Our BEST passport & Nationality programme.
South America €150,000 12 to 18 weeks €65,000.00 per additional family member No Difficult to secure but a real winner
DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT €250,000 and up depending on position
3 months
Yes No ACCREDITED DIPLOMAT FOR THE UNITED NATIONS Formal Title of Special Counselor to the United Nations. Includes appointment and passport.

PT Shamrock does not sell passports. We must request that all inquiries be from serious potential applicants ONLY!

Proof of funds and our referral fee of €uro1,500 (Eur500 for the African Programs and Eur4,500 for the diplomatic program,) is required before we put you in contact with source.

The names of the countries are not disclosed. Please do NOT ask for the names of the countries until you have provided proof of funds and paid our introduction fee. Sorry no exceptions. All passport documents are obtained via the naturalization process and are fully renewable for life, legalized and registered in all government computers. Legal name changes, and Family Programs may be available. Funds (less legal costs) are held in sources escrow account until documents procured. To find out more about any of the programs listed above please remit your proof of funds as the first step.

Western European Residency Program

This do-it-yourself residency program may lead to naturalization, i.e. citizenship with a valuable western European Union passport in a few years! In brief you are required to travel to this Western European country to establish legal residence, obtain your resident papers, documents and tax ID number, etc. You should plan on a month and possibly more to accomplish this depending on your circumstances.

This is a guide with full particulars, on what, how, when and where to proceed in order to obtain a highly valuable and legal western European Union residency. We do not guarantee residency, but for the serious person the small fee for this step by step guide will save you many thousands in wasted time, effort and costs.

The total cost for this do it yourself residency program guide is €2,500. The fee is NON refundable.

DO NOT ask us for the name of the country. This will be disclosed when you have submitted your preliminary application and after we receive your €2500 fee. Any inquires requesting the name or other information's about this residency program PRIOR to our receiving the €2500 fee will be disregarded. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please do not waste our time and yours otherwise!

Proof of Funds

For any preliminary application, please remit your PROOF OF FUNDS. This is the absolute first step in the acquisition process. Proof of funds MUST be in the form of a recent, verifiable bank statement, clearly showing the clients name with sufficient liquid funds available to meet the host countries requirements. For privacy concerns you can white out your account number, but your name MUST be shown on the bank statement. Sorry company accounts NOT accepted.

If and when your proof of funds are accepted, then you will be required to remit our referral fee of €1500. Then and only then will we place you in direct contact with source who will deal with you one on one and answer all your questions.

Proof of Funds - Diplomatic Appointment

Any legitimate candidate for a diplomatic appointment must be a person of means, i.e. wealth. There is not any set figure in order for a candidate to pass the host countries means test. However a low six figure amount certainly would NOT be considered adequate for this purpose.

This diplomatic appointment is a serious program for serious parties only. You will be required to travel to the host country to personally meet the head of state who is the only person who can grant a diplomatic appointment. Please read our Residency & Citizenship Disclaimer.

Maybe The 2nd Best Passport Program!


We do have on offer an active and excellent residency program for PARAGUAY. See PARAGUAY 2014 for full particulars.

PT Shamrock must request that all inquiries be from serious potential applicants ONLY! To find out more about any of the PARAGUAY Residency Programs listed above please contact us and be sure to review our disclaimer so we can have a mutual understanding, prior to placing your order. Thank you.

Panama Residency Program

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Panamanian Residency Program

Costa Rica Residency Programs

Sorry but we are not offering any Costa Rican residency program at this time.